The ten cheapest cars Netherlands

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Suzuki Celerio! The cheapest car in Netherlands

For those who want a new car, but as little as possible will give out: these are the ten cheapest cars in the Netherlands!

We've again looked for: the cheapest cars in the country. In it a lot of cars that you would expect: cars in the A segment with low CO2 emissions dominate the list. Conspicuously absent is Ford, which have replaced the more expensive Ka Ka +, so they do not appear in this list.

But there are also a few that just unexpectedly just did not make it this year. Therefore, a heartfelt "Sorry dude!" For the Dacia Sandero (€ 11,680) Skoda Citigo (€ 11,690), Hyundai i10 (€ 11,695), Kia Picanto (€ 11,725) and the Smart ForTwo (€ 11 754). They're all really close to the number 10, but did not make it. Most notable here is the Skoda Citigo, which was the best in 2015. Then took a Citigo incidentally € 8,860 euros, € 2,830 euros less than at present.

Enough about the past. By the heroes of the day, these are the cars that made it to the Top 10 do!

10. Peugeot 108 - € 11,660
Klein, French and a solid appearance in this list. The brand with the lion is just not in the Top 10.
Gallery: Peugeot 108 image Peugeot 108-01.jpgimage Peugeot 108-02.jpgimage Peugeot 108-03.jpgimage Peugeot 108-04.jpgimage Peugeot 108-05.jpg

9. Seat Mii - € 11,650
Back with a vengeance: the Seat Mii has returned to the list after a year of absence in 2016!
Gallery: Seat Mii image SEAT_Mii_01.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_02.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_03.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_04.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_05.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_06.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_07.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_08.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_09.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_10.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_11.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_12.jpgimage Seat_Mii_13.jpgimage Seat_Mii_14.jpg

8. Renault Twingo - € 11,580
The RWD with motor in the butt that is, the Porsche 911 under the kilo hits. Well, sort of. Twingo (driving test) P8 grabs!
Gallery: Renault Twingo 2014 Renault Twingo-image-2014-001.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-002.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-003.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-004.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-005.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-006.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-007.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-008.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-009.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-010.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-011.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-012.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-013.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-014.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-015.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-016.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-018.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-019.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-020.jpg

7. Volkswagen up! - € 11,475
Surprisingly, the cheapest of the "three" with the brothers of Seat and Skoda have checked. Wouter reed it. And screamed.
Gallery: 2016 Volkswagen Up image vw-up 2016-00001.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00002.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00003.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00004.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00005.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00006.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00007.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00008.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00009.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00010.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00011.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00012.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00013.jpg

6. Toyota Aygo - € 11 395
The Aygo with his crotch in his face. Costs now less than last year!
Gallery: Toyota Aygo 2014 image Toyota Aygo-2014-01.jpgimage Toyota Aygo-2014-02.jpgimage Toyota Aygo-2014-03.jpgimage Toyota Aygo-2014-04.jpgimage Toyota Aygo-2014-05.jpgimage Toyota Aygo-2014-06.jpgimage Toyota Aygo-2014-07.jpgimage Toyota Aygo-2014-08.jpg

5. Opel Karl - € 11,345
Nowadays deal with a well-filled YouTube account. If that catches on with other manufacturers, we also make it a list of next year!
Gallery: 2015 Opel Karl image Opel Karl-2015-001.jpgimage Opel Karl-2015-002.jpgimage Opel Karl-2015-003.jpgimage Opel Karl-2015-004.jpgimage Opel Karl-2015-005.jpgimage Opel Karl-2015-006.jpgimage Opel Karl-2015-007.jpg

4. Citroen C1 - € 11,290
We are still waiting for that tasty fat version, Citroën!
Gallery: Lemon C1 2014 image Lemon C1-2014-01.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-02.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-03.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-04.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-05.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-06.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-07.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-08.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-09.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-10.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-11.jpg

3. Mitsubishi Space Star - € 11,270
The compact city car Mitsubishi row from your 11 grand.
Gallery: Mitsubishi Space Star 2015 image Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-001.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star 2015-001b.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-002.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star 2015-002b.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-003.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star 2015-003b.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-004.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star 2015-004b.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-005.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star 2015-005b.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-006.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star 2015-006b.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-007.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-008.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-009.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-010.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-011.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-012.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-013.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-014.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-015.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-016.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-017.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-018.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-019.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-020.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-021.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-022.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-023.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-024.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-025.jpg

2. Fiat Panda - € 10,995
The Italians stand. This Panda seems already in production to be immemorial. But that was his father and that has become a cult hero.
Gallery: Fiat Panda 2012 image Fiat_Panda_2012_01.jpgimage Fiat_Panda_2012_02.jpgimage Fiat_Panda_2012_03.jpgimage Fiat_Panda_2012_04.jpgimage Fiat_Panda_2012_05.jpg

1. Suzuki Celerio - € 10,799
The lead remains in Japanese hands, Suzuki Celerio is just the cheapest car in the Netherlands last year!
Gallery: Suzuki Celerio Suzuki Celerio image-7201.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7202.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7203.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7204.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7205.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7206.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7207.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7208.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7209.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7210.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7211.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7212.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7213.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7214.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7215.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7216.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7217.jpg

That was him again! Would you still look back once the lists of previous years? Which can!

The last F12tdf is also the most special

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What a lovely composition.

Ferrari F12tdf is obviously very special. It's extra special when you have the latest production copy in your possession. This is the last and Instagrammer gregb.23 might be receiving TDF last month.

Ferrari differs from most TDF's. Thus the Tailor Made list F2tdf this is so long that all personal options simply could not be described on a plaque. To begin with, the satin-green lacquer unique. Ferrari Tailor Made Millionaire and the paint finish have given the name "Verde Opaco GB23. The stripes and calipers were painted in Rosso Dino. The large and striking Scuderia Ferrari shield was painted on the car.

The F12tdf has standard necessary to carbon. Greg decided to inject the carbon details in green. Even the diffuser should be green carbon. The wheels and tailpipes are made of satin-black. Above the Ferrari logo on the back is adorned with the Italian flag. The interior is made of green Alcantara, along with orange details. Again an abundance of green carbon.

The car turns nicely with the rest of the fleet of Greg. Thus Huayra BC has a similar color combo. The other cars stink wealthy entrepreneur HERE check.

Photo Credit: gregb.23 via Instagram

Result Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada 2017

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Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton passes Vettel on or know "Der kleine Finger 'to extend his lead? Read the full report here!

The Canadian Grand Prix is ​​traditionally one of the most enjoyable races on the calendar. The track is fast thanks to the long straights and in contrast to the street race two weeks ago, there are many opportunities to overtake. The course is known for its changeable weather. At the start there is no rain, but the wind gusts seem to be huge. Favorite to win? Lewis Hamilton, after his huge lap the Briton yesterday seems to have the best. However, the race pace of Ferrari's impressive. It seems that Red Bull with Max Verstappen starting from P5 is already on top of what the RB13 can. But are these assumptions do? In Formula 1 you never know, after all. As Murray Walker said: "In Formula 1 anything can happen, and it does Usually". Good man.

Max Verstappen has a great start !!! Immediately in the first two corners Max grabs second place. Almost immediately thereafter there will be a safety car on the track. Felipe Massa and Carlos Sainz are afgeknald the job. Carlos Sainz's car skids and Felipe Massa take it. One particular incident. Grosjean goes directly in to repair his wing, to join as 17th in the rest of the field. Only the start of this race is more exciting than the race two weeks ago.

If you are wondering how fast the Mercedes-AMG GTS Bernd Mayländer on the racetrack: about 2 minutes and 2 seconds. Not wrong. The cars still running laps behind the Safety Car. In round 3 AMG GT goes inside. At the restart Verstappen put right his proverbial teeth into the proverbial gearbox Hamilton and put pressure. Verstappen has obvious hurry.

In the 6th round Vettel goes inside to get his damaged front wing replaced. The wing that went off by a contact with Max Verstappen. thus the German falls back to 18th place. He runs significantly faster than the rest and overtaking is possible, so all we can write off the Germans yet. But unfortunately we can, unfortunately, does depreciate Verstappen. Due to a problem with the (probably) MGU is the Dutchman. The virtual safety car is deployed on lap 11.

In round 15 the race is resumed. Hülkenberg picks Stoffel Vandoorne, but whom we see there on P9? Indeed Lance Stroll that runs his home race. Would the Canadian nevertheless some of may? The battle for P10 (with Hülkenberg and Kvyat) is more exciting than the 'struggle' front. Hamilton leads generous with his teammate Bottas appropriate distance.

round 19: Ricciardo comes in a set of new tires, just after Raikkonen has also been. Due to the circumstances with the pitstops Ocon is in second place after Bottas goes into the pits round 24. Now Max is out, we look at teammate Ricciardo. Daniel is the only driver in the field who rides on the soft tires. The top 3 rides on Ultrasofts (the most soft bands), while the rest of the top 10 on Super Soft's condition. Ricciardo will go for the Long Run?

In round 27 outsmarted Nico Hülkenberg Long Stroll, giving the young millionaire son again is just outside the points. Bummer. Is there any conflict on the job? Yes, Hülkenberg seems to have found the speed in his Renault and now stands at P9. At the same time going beyond Vettel Fernando Alonso, who clearly does not have the time of his life. He complains about everything: the engine is low on power, he does not get the proper information from the team and the screen on the ATM is too small to show his balance. Watch Fernando, this is ask the Japanese gods for failing a Honda engine.

While round 31 Bottas then really starts to urge Ocon. The Force India Driver must still inside, so it seems unlikely that Esteban at all costs will defend his place. Or so you would say, but Ocon offers brave resistance. His teammate is doing excellent business, because Perez is right behind Daniel Ricciardo. Everyone has now been in the pit stops, Alonso after. Wondering what tactics they will perform at McLaren, Alonso driving for more than a half second slower than the drivers around him.

round 37: Hamilton still leads glorious, 10 seconds for Bottas, Ricciardo which also keeps at the same distance. Behind it is exciting. Raikkonen is reasonable (2 seconds) behind Perez, but at the same time Esteban Ocon hang up his ass. It seems to be more exciting, because behind Ocon Vettel is fast approaching. The German is the Mercedes after, the fastest on the track.

Raikkonen goes into the pits for a set Ultrasofts, especially. Probably they want to put him in 'clean air', but still 26 laps on Ultrasofts requires caution. It appears to work out well since Raikkonen running hard on Vettel, who is on older tires.

We know times are McLaren and Williams were fighting each other. That is round 48 the case, just how the teams would wish it initially. Stroll outwitted Alonso and seems really to get a place in the points (P10). Reportedly he receives from his father than a hockey club, zoo or airport (but can also be made up). At the same time Ricciardo is particularly troublesome with its tires, which lies on the border of grip and slip. Over the radio, the Australian is informed to get the Force India there's still more problems (go). For the record: Perez is one second behind Ricciardo and Ocon is three tenths behind Perez. The Force India's doing it all season very well. Monaco after the team scores with the pink cars each double points finish.

Force India is particularly sporty. Ocon has to catch up faster than Perez and Ricciardo thinks. Instead of team orders they leave it to Perez. Good thing. As for Force India to attend is a good thing: the Ferraris are 10 seconds behind Ocon. But the scarlet cars drive much faster lap times. Raikkonen runs 1: 15.4, while Vettel 1: 15.2 runs. The rest of the top 5 are driving in the high-1: 16s. That's a half seconds per lap faster.

round 55 will not go down in history as the best lap for Kvyat. He goes into the pits, but absolutely everything goes wrong. Good tires are not ready and thanks to the long wait, the engine stops. Kvyat can move forward, but close to the 17th (and last) of the field. The Russian is three laps later in the pits. He does not have to walk anyway.

The Hague Kwartiertje has arrived! Will there still happen? With only ten laps appear profits go to Hamilton. Despite leading the British well, it significantly increases the pace. In round 61 Raikkonen seems to sleep a bit because he verremt himself for the final chicane. Vettel extends his child's past.

The remark about that sleeping does not end, because the lap times show that Raikkonen by lap four seconds slower. The Finn has a problem with the car. Bad luck for Raikkonen, but his teammate is better off. He's right behind Force India's. Vettel has already overtaken the whole field, but now comes the real work. He has five laps to get by.

Five exciting rounds while Ocon huge presses with Perez. Vettel is still right behind Ocon. Yes! In round 66 Ocon seems finally to overtake Perez. But Perez parries able. Simultaneously Vettel sits in wait and sticks it ventured beyond Ocon, which inhibits late. Ocon immediately falls back a few seconds, but should be thanked for an interesting race.

Than in round 69 it still goes wrong for McLaren, Alonso again falls out due to a broken Honda engine. Goh. They are very stable in performance in any case, since in Japan. Yet some action! Mathews which Vettel. He does the trick again and picks up in the penultimate round in fourth place on Sergio Perez, while Lewis Hamilton grabs profits, P2 Bottas and Daniel Ricciardo (again) is third.

As I said, the Canadian Grand Prix is ​​often again an exciting race. Pity Verstappen went out after such a brilliant start, but for the F1 fan race in Montreal was enjoying old-fashioned!

The complete results:

1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Valtteri Bottas
3. Daniel Ricciardo
4. Sebastian Vettel
5. Sergio Perez
6. Esteban Ocon
7. Kimi Raikkonen
8. Nico Hülkenberg
9. Lance Stroll (!)
10. Romain Grosjean.
11. Joylon Palmer
12. Kevin Magnussen
13. Marcus Ericcson
14. Stoffel Vandoorne
15. Pascal Wehrlein
16. Fernando Alonso

Felipe Massa (Crash)
Carlos Sainz (Crash)
Max Verstappen (Hybrid System)
Daniel Kvyat (Transmission?)
Fernando Alonso (Motor)

* Update *: We have commented Max:

Verstappen after Montreal

“Formula one was a disaster for me”

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Is this bold statement coming from the mouth ofA) Taki InoueB) Toranosuke TakagiC) Yuji IdeD) Tony Fernandes

Indeed! It was E) Sebastian Vettel. Well, secretly of course not. Although the German has the judging sometimes hard on his radio traffic, it owes much to the sport. But where the best drivers and teams in the field can earn a greasy slice of the F1, the back of the markers is a matter of to struggle and pay off losses. The account can be partly supported by professional drivers who readily put down money for the F1 experience, "but the rest will have to cough up the owner of the team.

All this with the often motivated by vanity vain hope that 'Your name's Race Emporium' on a beautiful day in front of the grid next state, or preferably before the Ferraris and McLarens. Wait, why not for the Silver Arrows? Well, let's face it: now it might be to imagine, but if anything no longer running at Mercedes and some management-yo will increase too much cost, so the brand can again leave the sport. That's just what commit the big manufacturers to do in F1.

Due to this fact finally came the protagonist of this story, Tony Fernandes, the scene in the F1 circus. In mid-00s, most of the private teams who are on makeup the majority of the field in the past, fumigated by ever-increasing costs. Some were able to sell their Asian shops such as Jordan and Minardi. Others like Arrows simply disappeared from the grid.

Well that was never been different in the past. The list of adventurers to start an F1 team in the past and then disappeared quickly is almost endless. Only a few of the dusty team names: Eagle, DeTomaso, Connaught, ATS, Ensign, the Dutch Boro, Forti, Hesketh, Kojima, Larrouse, Lotus (now three times), Onyx, Osella, Penske, Walter Wolf Racing and @ willeme's favorite, Andrea Moda F1. But each time a new sucker however was again ready to take the place of the last losers.

Except after the 2009 season, at least, so it seemed at first. Formula 1 had himself cut the fingers. Bernie Ecclestone made no secret that he was wearing nothing to needy teams came spotting are expensive party. He was just great, attracting wealthy brands. In 2008, the sly fox was probably proud as a peacock with seven tails. The majority of the starting field consisted of (de facto) factory teams, namely that of Ferrari, BMW, Renault, Toyota, and Honda (McLaren-) Mercedes. But two years later, said half of the team "Okay, bye!" To the old Bernard, the last and the F1 with a big problem behind.

There were only nine teams namely (so 18 cars) on. In addition, some of the perverse remaining teams is also not exactly in good health. Thus was quickly developed a plan to still attract some new blood. Max Mosley charged potential team owners before they could be competitive on a shoestring budget, because there would be a budget cap. Cosworth would provide a nice economical engine.

We know what these promises has come. The three new teams (originally Lotus Racing, Hispania Racing F1 team USF1 and Virgin Racing called) have all been already disappeared from the scene. Eventually, the three as many private teams used them as no more than a stop-gap to bridge the period until there were again found capital powerful parties to fill the field. Looking back at the BBC's Radio 5 Live Lotus / Caterham's Tony Fernandes also indicates that Formula 1 was a disaster for him.

Formula 1 was a disaster for me. Anyway, not everything has always to be measured by how much success you have, I think it's important to do things I believe in. And I was pretty well on the grid with Ferrari, McLaren and Williams, I always looked up to. Okay, we were at the back but we were there.

The fact is that Max Mosley had promised me that the cost would be to run an F1 team halved. In reality, however, only the cost but went up. An F1 team starting from nothing today is a risky business, I do not see it happen to someone like Eddie Jordan can put on a team and in the foreseeable future can win a race. Back of the field is only going to pay off losses also paying drivers. It's a shame really thereby talent remains on the side.

Whose deed.

Image Credit-: Webber and Kovalainen meet in Valencia on Twitter

Zomoto has a new website

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We wrote once before about Zomoto in connection with the gadget file. Since then the company has been busy with her website, which with bullet came in at number seven instead of cars websites in the Netherlands. The comments from the visitors now developed an entirely new website should provide a better user experience ...

The website presents in his own words, the largest and most current selection of used cars in the Netherlands, similar to our friends accelerator. They also offer a "Zomotex" a free valuation, something they have in recent months issued more than a quarter million times. This proprietary mathematical model, provides an estimate of the current market value of a car.

The valuation is based on the normal amortization models based on mileage, year, condition of the car and accessories. In addition Zomotex also processes the information of the current supply and demand for cars. This addition of current market data provides a unique rating system. The calculation of the Zomotex assumes an average condition and estimated mileage of 12,000 per year. The value shown in a used car is based on the specified mileage. I think right reasonable, but perhaps there are other experiences?

Accelerator Tesla Model S is plastic and jerk

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It's from plastic, it's not fantastic ...

While the price of a aandeeltje TSLA further and further shooting in the air, questions come again and again surfaced about the build quality of Tesla's models. Tesla's there are anyway not known to have the best finish.

Small issue like loose door seals and poorly sealed interior panels are commonplace, but also larger problems. Fameus is the case of the Model S which was delivered at a split A-pillar. It turned the problem to be so great that the customer in question was a completely new Model S Tesla.

Incomprehensible that a car, let alone a pricey as the Model S, is by all quality of the factory and the dealer and is delivered to a customer with a similar problem. Although, maybe it's not so incredible charge. In order not to delay the introduction of the Model 3 Elon indeed decided that traditional quality control is not necessarily required for this model.

Meanwhile, there is again added a new and fairly bizarre problem. Tesla driver and Tesla Motors Club forum user benjiejr recently posted the above photo on his broken webz accelerator or accelerator pedal, "as it is called in Tesla circles. The man in question wanted to show off his car to some car-loving Mattie and Roste the pedal so hard to the metal. Therein perhaps lies the crux directly, because the pedal in the Model S, not of metal but of plastic. This material was unable to withstand the force of explosion beniejr's right foot and broke off smack. In the picture above this subject you see the result.

Benjie put his story to be enjoyed forum. Is the epic failure perhaps the fact that he occasionally seeks the dragstrip and never miss a legday? No. The problem often seems to occur, as evidenced by these pictures of other degraded Tesla pedals.

At the moment the pedal broke off the car directly to the regeneration of energy and thus lost speed. Benjie says therefore be glad that the incident did not take place on a busy road. The incident has been submitted to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association). Before Tesla is forced, however, to reinforce the pedals have now except to increase the range an additional reason to operate the accelerator with a velvet base.

Image Credit-:

Iconic Honda NSX for dirt left in forest

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What a waste..

Fido outlets and just run into a Honda NSX. It happened to a Russian walker in a forest near St. Petersburg, Russia. The story of the discovery was shared on a Russian forum.

The NSX has a decent period of time spent in the green. The Japanese sports car was covered with moss and looked dirty. The engine was not even present. Xander1 as the forum user name, writes in his post that the car seven or eight years ago, was offered for sale. What happened after that is unknown to the NSX.

Meanwhile, Honda has disappeared from the forest. The NSX is, especially in Russia, a rare appearance. A former owner was aware of the discovery and decided to take care of the car. The Honda was taken and washed thoroughly. The NSX will be restored to its former glory by him. Whether he continues driving the car, or that he will sell the NSX again is not clear.

Better than a robot suit: the Ford Mustang Iron Man

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Or rather Robert Downey Jr., whom Iron Man played in the movies.

The role of Iron Man / Tony Tight supplies ex-con Robert Downey junior certainly no harm in. The flamboyant actor earns money like water in Hollywood. That of course is nice, especially if you like cars. In the movies, the well-stocked garage Tony Stark several times on screen, but in real life virus has gotten the car grip on the man who plays the character. Reportedly Downey was in fact closely involved in the creation of his "new" Mustang Boss 302 SpeedKore.

SpeedKore sounds like the name of a false K-pop band, but you could / should know them as enthusiast of Tantrum, a restomod with 1,650 horsepower from a 9.0 liter V8 double blow from a boat.

Also at Downey's' Stang they have done their best again, although the power which will be more modest. Precise figures are not given there, probably because the car at SEMA is there and you soon drown in cars with over 1,000 hp. But the supercharged 5.0 V8 famous Ford tuner Roush will nevertheless provide adequate performance, especially because the car is largely constructed of panels of carbon.

Still, the Mustang is not only equipped with modern techniques. Thus, the car has a vintage air conditioning and is properly implemented throughout the period interior. You could say that there is chosen a Singer Esque approach. A successful project?

Why does the Audi RS6 DTM was stolen?

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Much excitement and gunshots last night was the famous 1,000-hp Audi RS6 DTM gejackt in the automotive world. Only a few hours later he was found completely burnt. What was the motive behind this action?


The DTM started its life in 2013 as a 'normal' RS6 Avant with 560 hp, and freesyle-skier, Betsafe-sign, and petrolhead Jon Olsson bought it. After he entered R8 he thought it was time for a new Gumball-project, and here these radical RS6 DTM ensued. After Gumball bought the Dutchman Douwe Leitner for his car company, and last night was the car in Amsterdam East on location for filming where Leitner himself was present.

The owner was waiting at gas station Kriterion the IJburglaan with the engine running at the driver's seat on some cameras were stunned when an unknown number of men in a white VW Transporter drove up, several times fired into the air, and the car plus keys claimed. Although the RS6 has keyless go Leitner told that the keys are inzaten and brushed himself in agony the plate, he says facing the camera AT5.

The thieves tore at full throttle then the Zeeburgertunel by using the RS6, only 3 to 4 hours after the car has been burned out have been found in a car park to the Nachtwachtlaan in 020-Gaza. It was such a rush job that the thieves did not even bother took a moment to take the wheel. Estimated damage: around 400,000 euros. The RS6 alone, that is.

Audi RS6 DTM

Getaway Car

Your first impulse to the question 'why?' Might 'as getaway car for a crime. " However, before you take a relatively anonymous car, the unique Audi RS6 even harder fall in the streets than a KKK-pointed hat Kwakoe or Opel at the Wörthersee meet.

In addition, not only a stolen VW Transporter (as aanrijvervoer) sacrificed - for which the risk had to be entered to steal it - but ultimately it off the thieves went fast, but also in daily practice totally unusable car without a key. This means that, once you turn off the engine, must rely on creative methods to get the car working.

In addition, the fuel tank was nearly empty, and of course a car like love a sip peut. Perhaps the thieves saw shortly after their jack-move also how stupid their action was actually, because that same night Jon Olssons ex was in a parking garage in New West burned recovered, as saying. Oddly missing a tracking device on the car. Perhaps trusted the owner of the distinctiveness of the car and theft.

Audi RS6 DTM

The theft has all the characteristics of a planned action, which raises the question whether the attackers had then the time they got the car held no further thought really theft. Should follow arrests, we might hear this.

If they now have immediately had them torn to Brink's for a great OV than I could have something to propose, but now it comes down to is that an expensive car gejackt for a joyride of a few kilometers and then in the fire to be put. It seems a lot of trouble for a few minutes drive 1000 horsepower gun. Unfortunately, the gun just a burnt piece of scrap (Photo credit: AT5)


possible scenarios

With the help of our fixed camera Taliban fighter Martijn we turned a possible scenario in each: group risk gems steals Yet Porter minivan and comes with straps out to rob a pump. Once there, or on the way to their actual purpose, gems mentioned seeing the RS6 they already know from Autoblog and decide which then have to take the next pump ... You have, after all, do have fun at work. = Fik played in, because as they always do with evidence.

no viral

Douwe Leitner pressed us late last night all the heart that there is no question of a promotional stunt, something that given the police reports had been considered unlikely, and only became unlikely after the burning of the car.

Moreover, drove the car during the shooting last night on green sheets, which formally is not allowed. A professional registration is only for test drives. Let's hope for Leitner his insurer not difficult about going to do here. (Small update, according RDW: Using the professional registration must directly relate to the operations specified by your company so not for lending purposes Red:.. Strictly speaking not just for test drives, but all can relate to the possible sale . Footage can go with it.)

Meanwhile on junk car a kind of condolence for the RS6 DTM arise with spots and videos from when he was still intact. Hereby: RIP RS6 DTM.

Photo credits: Mats Bulters (1, 2)

Result F1: Monaco Grand Prix 2017

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Flies anyone this year in the harbor?

It again wonderful times for the racing enthusiast. This weekend there were no less than three top events on the calendar: the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. When you tomorrow go to work, it is easy to identify the fellow enthusiasts. Those are all pale because they have been shackled the whole weekend on the tube, while all the others were on the beach.

The drivers themselves also have the time to do a tanned skin. On the Côte d'Azur is the fact all weekend stay fine. Actually we find that secretly a bit unfortunate because the spektaculairste races in Monaco we usually see as what sputters. Think for example of the victory of Olivier Panis in 1996.

But even in dry weather this GP is a huge challenge, especially on the mental plane. Two hours as fast as possible away by narrow streets, knowing that one small mistake means the end of your race. Even Senna came such mistake ever in 1988 when he lunged from won position. That an accident in a small corner is you can also see if you have a little ride with Hamilton.

The start
Just before the start even a funny moment between Button and Alonso. The Spaniard just call in from Indianapolis and Button need good luck in the race. He adds that it Jense good care of his car. Jenson kidding:

"I urinate in your chair."


Hilarity everywhere.

But this moment is to start immediately the most spectacular aspect. Everyone kept the number eight and until there are no position changes. Bottas threatens briefly inside with Vettel but then chooses eggs for money. Kimi emerges from the pole in the first corner first. Behind the top-10 Hamilton wins a place and moves to P12.

Wehrlein Button and try to be smart by immediately making a stop. That way they have to use later, not the other tire compound to the race and what they might gain in the event of a safety car. In the pit lane, however, they get a bit too close together. Button complained over the radio as befits a seasoned veteran on a 'Unsafe Release. With success, because Wehrlein gets a strafje five seconds.

Mid Race:
It's been round 17 before it happens again something worth mentioning. Kvyat reported on the radio that loses him moving Hulkenberg oil. He is right appears when the TV crew yellow Renault portrays with a smoking tail. That can not be good for long. Indeed, Hulkenberg put out much later R.S.17 aside. According to the team, it is a broken bucket, but it looked suspiciously like a broken moteur.

Something for half of the race is the pit stop phase. Max is told that he must do exactly the opposite of Bottas.

"Box opposite Bottas."

That means, if Bottas goes carts inside, as Bottas still coming out. Bottas still outside, so Max goes inside. The Finn responds the next round and comes just before Max the job again. Ricciardo seems to be the real winner of this story, as he gets on the track and drive some very fast laps. When all is said and done, Ricciardo grabs both Bottas as Max. Max is there not very happy:

"What a f * cking disaster"


In front of the field similar occurrences. Raikkonen first come in, but Vettel drives a few laps through. The overcut works because after his stop for Vettel Raikkonen is back on track. Echoes of Michael Schumacher and Barrichello.

After this Vorentscheidung to the benefit of the German let fall directly Kimi a hole with respect to Vettel. The Finn seems there lay down that no more occupants than the second place after this blow. In the meantime, creates some irritation between Perez and his team. Perez was last year on the podium in Monaco and would like to achieve a good result. Its engine becomes too warm and the team says that he must do something. But Perez is disagreed. As Louis van Gaal would say:

"The Death or the Gladiolus"


Vettel is heading ever wonder quietly on one of his easiest victories. Behind it there is a little tension for second place between Raikkonen and Ricciardo, although Raikkonen probably just speed checks knowing Ricciardo there never comes. But then suddenly! Safety Car!

Herintreder Button has Wehrlein tapped at the place where Senna crashed into the wall in 1988. The accident itself is not so special, but Wehrlein car's remains are still at an angle against the wall with the German.


The Medical Car pulls out to help the unfortunate driver. With combined forces it is removed from the wreck.

After we have seen the road Sauber driver hopping we can focus again on the situation in the race. The whole field is now nested, so perhaps we still get an exciting end to the race. Red Bull has been smart because it has Verstappen called inside to have new tires without lost positions. Maybe he can do something on fresh rubber. Less clever Ericsson behind the Safety Car, because he sends his Sauber in solidarity with Wehrlein the wall.

If the SC goes his eyes focused on Max. It is precisely Bottas creeping very close to Ricciardo. Here a good battle brewing for third place. Ricciardo has all the luck as he hit the guardrail at Sainte Devote but can move forward.

That happiness does not Vandoorne. Our southern neighbor looked towards his and McLaren's first point of the year. But after a slight touché with Perez also pushes him off the track at turn one. Besides Sauber's also now are both McLaren's out of the race.

Perez has a mission. After tikkie against Vandoorne Kvyat is his next victim. He torpedoes the Russian flank and robs him of at least two points. Moreover, he robs me the manager of game points, which is inexcusable. Punish that man. Oh no, wait, I have the chassis of Force India.

But give people a pat seems the only way to accomplish something in this circuit. Max even on fresh tires can do nothing towards Bottas. Everyone thus drives a train to the finish. The new large cars with high downforce to make overtaking simply impossible. Ferrari so successful last again to win in Monaco.

Vettel takes the win and ahead of Hamilton in the championship. Raikkonen will be disappointed with P2. Ricciardo takes his second podium of the year at P3, for Bottas, Verstappen, Sainz and Hamilton. The Briton, after his fourteenth place in yesterday's qualifying disagree very unhappy with the result.

Max is not angry but disappointed.
Max interview

The complete results:
1. Vettel
2. Raikkonen
3. Ricciardo
4. Bottas
5. Verstappen
6. Sainz
7. Hamilton
8. Grosjean
9. Mass
10. Magnussen
11. Palmer
12. Ocon
13. Perez
14. Stroll
15. Kvyat
16. Vandoorne
17. Ericsson
18. Button
19. Wehrlein
20. Hulkenberg

This is the new girlfriend of Jos Verstappen

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Following Bernie Jos has also fallen for Brazilian.

Jos is this weekend in Monaco to encourage his son. The newly talent scout Red Bull has not only come to the fashionable seaside resort. He is in fact accompanied by Amanda Sodré. This raises of course our readers value the necessary questions.

Jos does not secretive, so he gets it right away on Instagram a picture with unmistakable hashtags:

#reallove #happiness #monaco # F1 #redbull #goMax #teamverstappen ������❤️���� @amandasodrefloripa ❤️

Things seriously is evident from the fact that Max even met his new stepmother. Already in China congratulated Amanda Max in her best Dutch with good results.

"Well done Treasure !!! Congratulations !! You deserve everything good !! We are very proud of you !! ❤ #teamverstappen #maxverstappen # 33 #redbull #redbullracing # f1 # #China 2017❤️ @ maxverstappen1 "


Love is in the air anyway, because yesterday Max was again engaged to a nice chat with Lyndsey Vonn.
Max Lyndsey

Grandfather French should therefore be careful. We know that his Verstappen's fast guys. Before you know it he's French grandfather. The friend Max has incidentally not yet responded to the latest developments.

Result F1: Grand Prix of Japan in 2017

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Verstappen helmet

The end of the F1 season slowly comes into view. Who today was big in Japan and who himself lost in translation?

Ah Suzuki Suzuka. The course was originally designed by Hans Hugenholtz is really a circuit of the old school. We provide not like to admit, but although Circuit Zandvoort is a nice job, Hugenholtz did his best work in the land of the rising sun. Many drivers consider the fluid path crossing themselves as the best of the year.

In the past, Ayrton and Alain fought for three consecutive years bitter duels for the title. The climax came in 1990 when Senna won the pole in his McLaren and Prost in his Ferrari trained the second time. Senna felt that he was put down on the wrong side of the track on the grid by the FIA. This organization led by Frenchman Jean-Marie Balestre in his eyes anyway on the basis of Prost. What happened next in the first corner will know every F1 fan. If not, you can check it briefly junk car.

After qualifying yesterday's champion two candidates this year are too close to each other on the grid. Hamilton in his Mercedes, Vettel in his Ferrari. On the red car is the way it still working hard for the race, but closed just before the engine will start. Behind HAM FAT and suck the Red Bulls of Daniel and Max. Lewis Well, let's see how much you would like Senna then ...

The start
Vettel and Hamilton come here right away, meaning that Hamilton first dive into the first bend. Behind the two rivals is Max Verstappen passing his teammate Ricciardo. Ricciardo managed to beat our countryman finally again in qualifying yesterday, but Max restores the proper order immediately in the first meters of the race seen from him. The start is also flawless, except for Carlos Sainz in his (for now, you never know when Red Bull) last race Toro Rosso makes a bad impression by crashing off the track.

Ricciardo feel additional pain of defeat started when Ocon go past him in the 'Esses'. Verstappen is just the right way: he takes Vettel directly into the hairpin and continues to P2 behind Hamilton. Hmm, Max P2 behind Hamilton in the early stages of the race, which is known for somehow ...

When we turn on our chairs / couches / beanbags landed because overtaking Max, the Asian nightmare Ferrari reaches maturity. First shoot Raikkonen duel with Hulkenberg off the track at Spoon and lose many places. That will be the red brigade on the pit wall though not like to have seen, but it is nothing compared to what follows. If Vettel the straight opdraait, he is overtaken directly by Ocon and Ricciardo. It is clear that the German has not the power in his SF70H. The technical problem presented itself for the start is not resolved. Ferrari, however, given extra time to decide whether to bring Seb inside. After Sainz again driving down the road and this time went into the boarding, because there is a safety car on the track.

SC means that Max can huddle in the tail of Hamilton. He could also threaten the Briton at the restart? Mwah. VER responds reasonably well gasvoet HAM, but it is immediately clear that he is too far behind the Mercedes is to place a bid. Vettel meanwhile goes further and further back. Clearly this is a chance for the German story. It's like our neighbors would say the final Vorentscheidung in the World Cup.


Kablam! the bend Degner II acts again as a sharp right. All weekend drivers have some difficulty with the treacherous curve, which squeezes common after some fast sweeping turns. This time Ericsson flies off the track. However, if we see the onboard he does it very awkward. The race committee decides a virtual safety car to send the job.

After this short break eight race Ricciardo ripe time to catch Ocon. He then goes to the third round after Max Verstappen, but already has a backlog of about six seconds MV33. Let's see who the fastest today of the two.


Raikkonen meanwhile is also slightly forward. The man who has won here 12 years ago to overtake Fisichella on the last lap is nice busy catching up after his excursion off the track in the first round. On lap 16 he drives around in seventh place behind Force India's. He should have, in principle, but the question is whether there are more occupants.

On lap 22, Verstappen came through the undercut on Hamilton. Red Bull can with their drivers in P2 and P3, of course, some try to run a Mercedes lurking. HAM arrives instantly to treading VER meaning Ricciardo now in the lead for Bottas. In the 24th round Max sets the fastest lap of the race is down and he just 1.8 seconds behind LH44.

In round 26 Ricciardo comes to the inside, but Bottas runs steadily on and goes to the conduit. Hamilton, however, is already in the tail of his second, with Verstappen right behind him. Now comes the big strategy-trick of Mercedes out of the hat. Valtteri makes way for Lewis, but obviously not for Max. The Dutchman is two laps squeeze behind the Finn and therefore sees the Briton disappearing.

We obviously keep an eye on the front of the field to see if Verstappen still can do compared to Hamilton, but we fear that Lil 'Lewis can now control the race. The direct voltage in the race lies in the battle for the points positions laastste. It is penetrating into the tail of the top-10. The drivers of Haas F1, Williams, Renault and Toro Rosso Gasly all want a gathering point.

Within a short time of two names to the list be underlined. Pierre Gasly verremt itself and then the kernel must look for a damaged tire. Then we see a bizarre scene when the DRS wing Hulkenberg remains in open condition. You may think that the Germans can thereby fly over the track like never before, but in reality he lacks downforce and of course he has to fly off more chance of the job. When Nico comes tries a mechanic droll manner the wing still ramming position, but to no avail.


Oefff, almost a big crash in the final stages of the race. Lance Stroll crashes off the track in the Esses and when he comes back on track glides almost in contact with Red Bull. I think it was Ricciardo, but to avoid a Olavje "I leave it here in the middle. Stroll put his car off the track and down as it is hoped that there will be a safety car, allowing Max seconds stolen Valtteri him has to make good on Lil 'Lewis. But unfortunately, the race committee decided to insert a virtual safety car. This race seems to be decided.

Or ... do not!?! After the disappearance of the VSC Max suddenly move much faster than Hamilton. With two laps to go, he is in the tail of HAM, with a few stragglers on the nose of both. Unfortunately Alonso takes place the McLaren needed a moment between the Merc Hamilton and Red Bull Verstappen. Massa then do the same again thinly over. Jack up with the veterans.

That was it, Lewis wins the race. Verstappen is second to Ricciardo, Bottas, Raikkonen, the two Force India's two hares and Massa. Jolyon Palmer fails to flames again and ends his probably last F1 race on a colorless twelfth place.

UPDATE 1After the race Hamilton pushed Max in the cement.

UPDATE 2: Max threw water to Daniel during the press conference.

UPDATE 3: Max talked to the mic after the yellow race.

Alonso was penalized after the race for ignoring blue flags.

The complete results

1. Hamilton
2. Verstappen
3. Ricciardo
4. Bottas
5. Raikkonen
6. Ocon
7. Perez
8. Magnussen
9. Grosjean
10. Massa
11. Alonso
12. Palmer
13. Gasly
14. Vandoorne
15. Wehrlein


Prosecution calls for sanctions against father and son because of Porsche street race

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It seems that no task punishments this time.

Last year we reported about a tragic accident in Loosdrecht. A 19-year-old woman that came after she was hit in her Toyota Aygo by the Porsche 911 of the now 54-year-old Walter W .. Walter reed at the time of the crash too hard and had too much alcohol in his blood. He would be additionally involved in a street race with his 33 year old son Casper W., who drove in a MINI. The victim was still taken to hospital but died there two weeks later from her injuries.

The prosecution today demanded five years in prison and three years at Walter his son Casper. Also is required for both a license suspension of five years. Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI) has calculated that Walter 167 kilometers per hour, driving at the time of the crash. In addition, it is common that he had twice the allowed amount of alcohol in the blood. Fifteen witnesses have stated that Walter Casper kilometers and had been engaged in a street race and moved at high speed 'bumper to bumper' by traffic.

The two W's but both deny that there was a street race. Walter also says that while he was speeding, but nowhere near the 167 kilometers per hour claiming the NFI. Emotions ran high while on. Walter qualifies the testimony as "simply not true", "possible" and "lied". He would even anyway so hard not dare to drive:

There I will have driven faster than 50 kilometers per hour, somewhere between 70 and 85 kilometers, but certainly not a 200. I do not dare even to the autobahns in Germany. I certainly do not drive faster, I swear on the death of my mother and my son.

However, the father of the deceased understandably wanted nothing more of this defense, which he calls 'bullshit'

My dear Fleur by a drunken fool drove into the flanks.

Casper W. son of the circumstances brought a surprisingly sober Berden reason why he should not be condemned. The airline pilot says he lost his job in the event of a conviction. Anyway, it's been a tragic incident that anyone who likes to occasionally stepping on the accelerator, reminding us that an accident is in a small corner.

Image Credit-: unrelated damaged over 911 cars junk.

Researchers: infotainment Tesla one of the worst

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Tesla screen

Okay, not only Tesla.

The foundation for the promotion of road 'AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, "say the VVN (Safe Traffic Netherlands), but in America, has conducted research with some 130 volunteers and about 30 test vehicles to the degree of distraction in traffic through the various infotainment systems. Earlier research showed that the operation of the navigation even for more than distraction provides SMS behind the wheel. In both the Netherlands and Belgium are under development to use a smartphone to contain respectively the campaigns 'way I'm offline' and 'Promise'. The fact that the operation of navigation and thereby also infotainment causes even more distraction is of concern. This also underlines the importance of research between the various infotainment systems.

research AAA

The results of this study This does not speak in favor of the already embattled automaker electric vehicles. The system looks or great, it seems less easy to operate while driving since the Model S (occasion video here) belongs to the category of worst results.

Other poorly-scoring cars with the highest possible form of distraction by infotainment; Audi Q7, Chrysler 300C, Dodge Durango GT, Ford Mustang GT, GMC Yukon SLT, Touring Honda Civic, Honda Ridgeline RTL E Mazda3 Touring Nissan Armada SV, Subaru Trek Cross Premium and Volvo XC60 T5 Inscription.

Vehicles with a high degree of distraction by infotainment; XT5 Luxury Cadillac, Chevrolet Traverse LT, Ram 1500 Ford Fusion Titanium, Hyundai Sonata Base Infiniti Q50 Premium, Sport Jeep Compass, Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, Kia Sorento LX, Nissan Maxima SV and Toyota Rav4 XLE.

Cars having an average degree of distraction by infotainment; Chevrolet Equinox LT, Ford F-250 XLT, Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, Lincoln MKC Premiere, Toyota Camry SE, SE Toyota Corolla and Toyota Sienna XLE.

Cars with a low degree of distraction infotainment, there are unfortunately not.

Photo credit: Tesla Model S @DannyBMW

So many bucks earns Max Verstappen with new contract

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Max reportedly had a hundred million reasons to sign with Red Bull Racing.

Recently Max Verstappen extended anyway quite unexpectedly his contract with Red Bull Racing. This put an end to speculation about Max's plans for 2019. He was released after 2018? he was stuck in a contract? If so, there was in this case, an escape clause? It was all nothing more from one stone, because Max committed itself to his current employer with the season of 2020. Whether there have been in the background contacts with Ferrari, Mercedes or any other party, we do not know. Actually, we believe Max it when he says he saw no reason to leave the good ship Red Bull.

That as was generally believed in the paddock that the two 'big boys' in F1 Max not only with a competitive car, but could also draw entice them with a blank check. Although Red Bull Racing has a large budget, Ferrari and Mercedes because Max would offer even more. Moreover, to date, has not really been the style of Red Bull to pay its drivers very thick. Not for nothing they have their training team, which like Ajax intended talent ready to steam in the kitchen so then also own benefit. The latter can in sporting and financial terms.

But now we're talking about Ajax: Telegraph columnist and Cruijff adept Jaap de Groot (good for name too) claiming that Red Bull still quite attracted the cut to keep Max. Although Max would receive a salary of 'only' 10 million per year, but over bonuses will increase that number typically to about 30 to 35 million per year. Over a period of three years, we have it so on a sloppy 100 milliseconds. Not bad, even if you compare with the other top in the field.

But Max is just the beginning. After the season of 2020, namely our hero reaches the very old age of 23. Let's say he twice champion, then docks with love Ferrari 50 million per year for Max as they also did for Schumacher. If MV33 want to go through with the F1 until it is a Barrichello-like veteran, he can go on their way to a billion and a respectable position between the Brenninkmeijer poses and Fenteners of Flushing in the quote 500. As a kid all I wanted was a hundred grand ...

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