What you MUST know about the Lamborghini Aventador

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The basic specs of the new Aventador (700 hp, 690 Nm, 350 km / h, 0-100 in 2.9 sec), we can now be dreaming. We also have a huge load press photos, exchange photos and videos pass by. But there is much more that you really should know about Lambo's latest model ...

Through our Poll showed that the Aventador by you is hailed as the hottest supercar in Geneva. Reason for us to put some facts.

Completely new engine
Aft of the Aventador we find a completely newly developed 6.5-liter V12 (codenamed L539). The engine still back the Murcielago was because we were able to report a further development of the block debuted in the 350 GT in 1964. About the new block that weighs a total of 235 kilos and the cylinder heads 21 kilos each weigh. The crankshaft, moreover, weighing 24.6 kg. The engine is mated to an automated manual transmission which called ISR (Independent Shifting Rods) has been given. Die fry weighing 70 kilos.

Out of stock
The Aventador may might unveiled just last week (official), yet the production for the remainder of the year already fully sold out as well for the first half of 2012. At the end of the summer Lamborghini will deliver the first copies of her customers. How many copies Lamborghini will build them have not yet announced this year.

How thick you have his wallet to buy a Aventador (if given the chance)? The base price without options and accessories is at 255,000 euros. But that's only the beginning, because there is still 19% VAT, an even bigger scoop BPM and a guzzler tax in The Netherlands. A Aventador on yellow plates will therefore cost about 440,000 euros. And then you do not have nice options like an Alcantara interior or matt lacquer chosen. So go but from a thick dressed LP700-4 is very hard towards the 500k (in Netherlands).

light weight
Thanks to the (very) frequent use of carbon fiber, it is Lamborghini managed to measure the dry weight (i.e. without liquids) of the Aventador to 1,575 kg. That is, among other things by weight made up of the following components: monocoque (147.5 kg), aluminum frames (82 kg), motor (235 kg) and transmission (70 kg). This low weight makes the Aventador has a weight-to-power ratio of 2.25 kg per hp. Incidentally Lamborghini fit as many as three different "types" of carbon fiber far in building the Aventador: Resin Transfer Molding (RTM), prepreg and Braiding.

The Aventador features a full carbon fiber monocoque constructed lightweight. Is there not only ensures that the car is extremely stiff, but it is also a huge safe in the event of an accident. Think of it as a kind of safety cage.

As we are accustomed Lamborghini Aventador is also named after a famous fighting bull. Aventador was the name of a bull that entered the arena of Saragossa in October 1993 and for his tremendous courage won the "Trofeo de la Peña La Madroñera". Nice to know…

Nose lift
Especially for those pesky barriers in Dutch Vinex districts have the Aventador standard system to the nose 40 mm to move up. No idea why you would have in a neighborhood, but it would be a shame if that gorgeous bumper driving broken.

In a large car like the Aventador will obviously large quantities of liquids. So goes in the tank up to 90 liters of gasoline and is also a further 13 liters of engine oil in the Aventador, plus a puddle of coolant 25 liters!

The most difficult point in buying a new car might still choose the color. And Lamborghini make that choice not easy. The "standard" gamma namely, includes 13 different colors. You can choose from three solid colors (yellow, black and white) and there are still seven metallic & pearl lacquers available, as well as three matte colors. For the interior you have the choice of 12 combinations including two tone. And in addition you also have to choose which color you want calipers. You can choose from yellow, gray and orange. And state the color you want (violet?) Happened not in the folder? Then you can always go to the Ad Personam program.

The Aventador has, in contrast to many other super cars, a so called pushrod suspension. That's something that we usually see only in the racing world, such as the F1. Because the suspension is visible through the transparent tailgate Lambo has been kind enough to offer the option (for a fee) to perform the rear suspension in yellow. After all, people should be able to see that you have a pushrod suspension, no?

infotainment system
What is a modern car without extensive infotainment system? Indeed, nothing! And therefore Lamborghini (no doubt with help from Audi), the Aventador features a multifunction TFT instrument display that all can be adjusted as required and assigned. The time of a few simple clock speed, rpm and different temperatures and pressures is definitely over. And in the center console is yet to find a second TFT screen for navigation and media system. In the video below you can see exactly how it all works.

Gallery: Geneva 2011 Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador Lamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3637.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3638.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3639.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3641.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3642.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3643.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3644.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3645.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3647.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3648.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3649.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3651.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3652.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3653.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3654.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3655.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3657.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3661.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3663.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3664.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3665.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3666.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3667.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3668.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3671.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3673.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3677.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3678.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3679.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3680.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3681.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3682.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3683.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3684.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3685.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3686.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3687.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3688.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3692.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3694.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3695.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3696.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3697.jpgLamborghini_LP700-4_Aventador image-3699.jpgGallery: Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 image Lamborghini_Aventador_LP700-4_01.jpgimage Lamborghini_Aventador_LP700-4_03.jpgimage Lamborghini_Aventador_LP700-4_04.jpgimage Lamborghini_Aventador_LP700-4_05.jpgimage Lamborghini_Aventador_LP700-4_06.jpgimage Lamborghini_Aventador_LP700-4_07.jpgimage Lamborghini_Aventador_LP700-4_08.jpgimage Lamborghini_Aventador_LP700-4_09.jpgimage Lamborghini_Aventador_LP700-4_10.jpgimage Lamborghini_Aventador_LP700-4_11.jpgimage Lamborghini_Aventador_LP700-4_12.jpgimage Lamborghini_Aventador_LP700-4_2.jpg