What does such a crash test dummy?

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Crash tests are an important part in the development of cars, but personally I think the principle whereby a maximum of 5 stars can be achieved somewhat outdated. Many models now get five-star, while you can not tell me that all the maximum score is equally safe. The result would be best for me be a bit more nuanced.

Brands may be able to choose more focused then differentiate better on the security aspect and consumers. Furthermore, the tests are always performed at a speed of 64 km / h, while it is interesting to know what is left at a higher speed you.

The crash tests are performed for years with Crash Test Dummies. These "dolls" are becoming more sophisticated in order to obtain a truer picture of what happens to the body in the event of a collision.

A car manufacturer like GM example uses 200 different types of crash test dummies. These come in all shapes and sizes and include sensors 70 to 80 pitches to record the impact of a crash. The sensors measure every 10,000th second, the state of the dummy. The stream of data is processed by a powerful computer system into useful information.

Cheap is such botspop not, because the price per unit can be up to $ 500,000, converted 380,000 euro, so golden. Yet they will not be pushed so quickly by staff back, because such dummy marketplace will not sell quickly for a nice price. Then you can pick up more seats for the boss, because that is much better trade. (Via: egmcartech)