Peugeot 309 GTI, youngtimer in picture

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What was your late 80s as a successful yuppie riding your rapidly growing ego gradually no longer fit into a 205 GTI? Net to a Peugeot 309 GTI!

As clearly recognizable in Peugeot concept VERA 1982 309 mid 80s came on the market and would initially like Talbot Arizona will follow the fairly successful Horizon. But to meet quite confused and divided public PSA decided to run now still definitively Peugeot sole brand after Chrysler Simca and Talbot. Also, to the relief of the dealers, because they had already become world champion unsolicited wall light switch.

In 1987 Peugeot introduced the GTI as a top model of the 309 series, the 1.9 liter XU9 block his ADHD sibling, the 205 GTI. With around 130 hp and a weight of less than 1,000 kg, he did not even have much lower performance than that little 80's icon. Due to its longer wheelbase, he was more stable and more comfortable than the 205, he was less nervous about. Even so, he did the sprint to 100 in 8.7 seconds and reached a top of thick 200 km / h. We're talking over pedantic, at that time it was really fast.

Still a lot faster was the 309 GTI 16, with its four valves per cylinder. It was still quite special, some 16-valve engine. The XU9J4 block came directly from the 405 MI 16 and had an output of 160 hp, so the 100 was a second faster and reaches a top speed was now 220 km / h. Until concerned scientists discovered that the already rare flamed kreukelfrietamoebe backwards started walking. When understandably had emissions requirements Peugeot severely be tightened and assembled there, initially optionally, a catalyst. Shortly thereafter disappeared dirty version for good price lists and Young Urban Professionals had to make do with 13 hp less.

There were always quite a small 150 horses available and that was the GTI 16 absolutely no wretch. He did not look as boastful and energetic as the fastest 205 but sporty-ie was definitely with his double lights in the front spoiler, rear spoiler, GTI Speedline rims and red stripe in bumpers and rubbing strips. You could buy at Halfords on the role the way, to stick on your 1.1 XE as an alternative go-faster stripes. In 1991 there followed a minor facelift, but the GTI was recognized as the top version of the 309 series. That time was not designed by Pininfarina, but Peugeot itself. Apparently there was still something to be cut, because the doors were taken from the 205. You could have choose 3 or 5 doors, the latter were especially useful when the yuppies already had to transport a young urban baby. Dinks obviously went for the three-door.

The interior week not very much different from a standard 309. However, there was a revolution, and a thicker leather covered four-spoke steering wheel and all the fine front sports seats. The dashboard was also unchanged from the same hard plastic as we were used to. Of course with such a radio cassette player suddenly all your Chromdioxid tapes gnawing whole Spandau Ballet album then artfully transformed into paper-thin and extremely cheating spaghetti. Road romance than just fine on the gas. Finally there-he was the best, much better than his successors from the 306 GTI were much vadsiger and less mobile. Like the yuppies themselves.

In 1993 the canvas for the 309 and became over time the GTI was discovered and embraced by the Caps, either backwards. So did most of any good: they were driven to shreds or ruined by spoilers misshapen metal and insults in the form of faulty wheels and ditto outlets. Or both. An original copy in good condition is as rare as a Russian in an SUV with manners, patience and understanding traffic.

Unfortunately, there are so few remain. A quick, but especially pure hatchback without fuss and other electronic pedantic, unfeeling sleight is anyway something increasingly desire to return. And that certainly applies to this wonderfully disguised burgerbak. He was always in the shadow of the compromislozere 205 GTI and this is no different. The fact that-ie much less obvious makes him again exclusive than those small tree bark remover from the same stable. The same bark where the scientists found the amoeba flamed. Which is now much more than the 309 GTI. Bête muette.