Nyck de Vries wins Formula 2 race in Monaco!

Posted on 17.11.2017 in Общая категория by

Nyck de Vries

These are good times for the Dutch motorsport.

Nyck de Vries yesterday a good example to Max and Formula 2 sprint race in his name written in the streets of Monaco. For those who are a little behind: GP2 called from this year's Formula 2. Overall, the class considered to be the stepping-stone to Formula 1, although nowadays more and more young talents to skip the championships and others just linger for years in the F2.

Anyway, the Dutch driver of Rapax packed in race one seventh. The F2 works with a "reverse grid 'for two race, in which the first eight finishers are allowed to start of the first race in the reverse order for the second race. Nyck was therefore start going from the second position, just behind his teammate Venezuelan Johnny Cecotto junior.

Cecotto is as the name suggests, the son of Johnny Cecotto senior former motorcycle champion and F1 teammate Ayrton Senna at Toleman. He is perhaps the best example of someone who is stuck in the F2 without really having views of an F1 seat. Fast enough to be a useful power with all his experience for F2 teams, not fast enough to force a seat in F1.

Nyck, which since 2010 is part of McLaren's training program for young drivers, therefore does well to beat this year to his teammate. Monaco succeeds him at once by addressing the head start and then not to give up.

Thanks to the successful weekend de Vries now climbed to tenth place in the championship with 27 points. However, the gap with the top is large. Ferrari junior Charles Leclerc is first with 77 points. Recently, McLaren team boss Zak Brown was asked whether he still sees opportunities for Nyck to become the new Stoffel. Zak replied affirmatively. Realistically however Nyck must therefore go even better in the F2, although he thereby partly depends on his team.

Anyway, the champagne taste on the highest step of the podium in a high class race, they grab the man from Sneek not off anyway.