An expensive home you naturally inaugurate with Lamborghinis

Posted on 17.11.2017 in Общая категория by

Funny crossover thingy in the US this week: Lamborghini and an upscale broker joined forces for a kind of housewarming in an expensive design house. Best of both worlds?

For me though. We love beautiful architecture and beautiful cars, a combo that frequently occurs in our 'garage items. What is expensive is not necessarily good, but often.

At this party of hedonists were all ingredients that appreciates a gourmand in the broadest sense present a Hollywood house near the Sunset Strip, designed by Hagy Belzberg, fine visgerechtjes, served by a star chef, and to flush away all the natural excellent wines and whiskeys. Who has let the wide wide hanging.

Do here also some fapvoer in the form of Lamborghinis (including Aventador Roadster) and beautiful women (cocktail) dresses with (read: the mainstay of the plastic surgery industry thrives on), and the picture is pretty complete.

The ladies had the sense

Now only a casual atmosphere, because this kind of networking events has to be the name of the rigid protocol, and especially to see and be seen to be turning a bit which again is unfortunate. It would be nice if there was a touch of 'ghetto barbeque at could be processed.

The pictures speak for themselves. Exclusive fuss there, what Lamborghini underlined by the guests as to describe VVIP's. Decide whether you want them to be impressed.