Audi Netherlands knows how to celebrate a party: a tulip!

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Today, July 16, 2009 Audi exists exactly 100 years. Cause for celebration at the Dutch Audi importer, but there is more. Audi Netherlands they themselves have something to celebrate, because the import organization is active 35 years ago. A double anniversary so that extract significantly.

Tulips are typically Dutch and the Dutch importer so will the Audi gala in Ingolstadt Audi handing a tulip on the representation of the Audi factory. Yes, a tulip, but it obviously has not scored pathetic bunch of tulips at the florist on the corner. There is a real grown official Audi tulip. This tulip is a cross between the Negrita- and Pink Diamond Race (you know them). He is insistent red in color and is also striking for its large flowers. The Audi tulip is a good grower and blooms from late January to the end of the tulip season.

Best geinig hear about flowers, but I would rather have an extra thick executed jubilee seen Audi. Pity that Audi Netherlands does not go beyond a mat executed Audi R8. Not even original mat, but glued using the so-called VinyTouch finish. Audi reports still in the press release that the "100 years of Vorsprung durch Technik" is performed logo shine and thus an equally subtle and beautiful contrast creates. w00t !!!

Audi R8 mat 100 years

Audi R8 mat 100 years