MRB new legislation on pickups: how it works

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Ford F-350 XLT

When the government made last week on Budget announced plans to also go heavy load pickups, this many reactions untied. But who exactly is affected by these new regulations by 2016?

The fact that the government itself has indicated wanting to collect about one million in revenues estimated BPM amounts exceeding one ton already indicated that the average Ford F150 / F250, Dodge and Chevrolet 1500/2500 1500/2500 driver the rule has nothing to fear. These are models with double cab and a vehicle weight that exceeds 3,500 kg.

We were approached by mr. Rademaker, a dealer from the north of the country, which bijpraatte us about all the ins and outs of the rules. This is in the interest of its own business of course, but we fully understand. It is quite complex, and who is not good at might think that vehicles fall under exempt actually, what traders Zio is not pleasant. You need things like journalistic medium not only write well, but where necessary clarify, if there is need.

Who will pay ACT?

The people who will be excited from 2016 MRB are those currently with C licenses (HGV license) driving a supermassive pickup. Here you should think of models like the Dodge Ram 3500 or Ford F-350. Here, the maximum permitted weight amounts (including load) is more than 3,500 kg.

In addition, there is the rule that the length of the larger area arranged for passenger transport than the non-area arranged for passenger transport. This means the following: when the row (s) would be a quarter turn, and fit (fit) still in your body, you will feel. Is this not the case, then you have to pay ACT. In practice what it comes down to is that so this relates only to the cars having a double cab (unless the container is longer than two rows of seats, which is approximately equivalent to 4 meters), that are also an authorized mass of more than 3.5 have tons.

Our tipper has just one car in its entire fleet are fulfilling these conditions, the Ford F-250. In this type of cars in addition it is possible to put them on gray badge, ie: driving with a B license.

In this case, the maximum weight permit 'capped' at 3,500 kg. Suppose your car weighs 3,000 kg and can carry 1,000 kg, but you put it on gray badge, you may have only a maximum of 500 kilograms transporting it. Belaad you do it harder, you're in overteding, even though the car itself easily to this.

The light pickups on B license have yet nothing to fear.

Photo: Ford F-350 XLT,