This is the horsepower difference between Red Bull and Mercedes

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This is the horsepower difference between Red Bull and Mercedes

The men of Renault / TAG Heuer have mapped how much horsepower behind their power in the supreme Mercedes-block. Even so curious?

Team boss Christian Horner has been revealed that the gap between the Mercedes and the Renault engine is around 35 kW. A simple calculation shows that expresses the gap in HP's equivalent to about 47 horses. Of a total of somewhere around 900 pieces seems not a huge margin, but it is though. Especially when you take into account the speed of the Silver Arrows on the straights.

Unfortunately for fans of Max and Daniel come this year no more updates for the TAG Heuer motor. Renault men, focusing on the 2017 and so we should not expect horsepower jumps like in Monaco (Ricciardo) or Montreal (Verstappen). Shame as we were hoping for a nice upgrade for the Japan GP.

On the other hand, regulation changes throw more than once at loggerheads interrelation. 2017 is in this respect a very interesting Formula 1-year, especially considering you they the Red Bull chassis technology have always worked out nicely. Moreover, the developments at Renault is not silent on the engine this year, but no significant improvements throughout the season will be more implemented. (Via