Why is unnecessarily left driving dangerous

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Needless left driving is dangerous

The alternative title "Should we left four parts unnecessary drivers or exiled to Siberia?" was not approved by the editors.

Traffic Annoyance numero uno of Dizono: unnecessary links riders. Of those dunces directly after inserting diagonally cross the highway to a four lane highway to find the second job because the highway splits over two kilometers. Or anyway shoot stress as a highway more than three lanes and therefore deny their car to continue driving far right. People in the insert on the highway immediately locate the second or third jobs because they find themselves too easily to the right lane, I get huge itch there. I even dare say that on average a four-lane highway for the flow is worse than one having three lanes. And what about the striker strip, which can call them better passing lane; Nowhere is indeed high traffic overtaking as well as on the roadway been transformed into emergency. And yet it's so easy: you drive so much to the right and use the courts to your left just to catch up. Ready to catch up? Back to the right.

But how do you deal with that anger? Although traffic is served by motorists who do not get mad, I must immediately admit that I am against such links drivers do not always behave as nicely. Sometimes I send very late when overtaking, to explain them anyway they are moving chicanes and let me just a little longer turned my flashlight on the right back insert. Or, if I drive on a track to the right of the left driver, but am faster, I just go right past. It should not, it's not safe, but sometimes I get the impression that it is the only way to re-educate drivers chronic left.

links Drivers

A task which naturally should be reserved only for driving instructors and police, but they seem to fail miserably in it yet. The penalty for unnecessary driving on the left is 140 euros, but written too little (overtaking costs 230 euros, incidentally). Instead, it prefers to concentrate on fines for speeders. Just some figures: in 2015 there were 6,636,096 issued fines were issued for speeding, while only 645 210 fines for "other offenses". Among them penalties for handsfree calling, unnecessary use of the horn, the incorrect use of fog lights and not wearing seat belts. Ergo, there is hardly fined for unnecessary driving on the left.

And while speeding drivers are statistically less dangerous than the unnecessarily left riders. Research shows that the relative speed difference between cars is the most important factor in an accident. Someone who runs 10 kilometers per hour slower than permitted, making it more dangerous than someone who is 10 kilometers per hour speeding. And there's more, left drivers reduce the flow and dangerous handling provoke other drivers. Yes, that's wrong, but let the problem hell tackle at source.

It is fine if you want to drive 110 120 where you can, but keep right. And if you pass a truck, look in your mirrors in time, the accelerator 120 and then add the left. Do not go three meters behind the truck driving your car before throwing 80 in the left lane and then go only accelerate. Ready to catch up? Come on, back to the right.

In this therefore called on Transport Minister Melanie Schultz Van Haegen, the police and road safety Netherlands: beginning a major campaign highlighting the dangers of unnecessary driving on the left and how things should be. Make also clear that there will be rigorously enforced and do this. Finally out a request to the driving instructors. Go get some more students with the highway and teach not only check and leaving, but spends some extra attention to the correct use of the lanes. So that we are all more relaxed in the car and we drive back to something safer.

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