Lease but Peugeot 508 or Toyota Avensis

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Peugeot 508 - Toyota Avenis

Yes, you can still order them: ordinary sedans! But which one to choose?

Formerly life was so simple. The most beautiful cars drove around there then. Gurgling Saab Turbos, American V8's were popular, W123's / W124 who already were indestructible, Mazda's were regularly sold Wankel engine, Mitsubishi Starion Turbo went drifting the winding through thousands Cadet Parties, Corsa Ascona's wandered into traffic. Sex was dirty and grass was green. Acid rain, chlamydia, CO2 emissions, dating sites and energy drinks unheard. A-Ha, Duran Duran and Dire Straits dominated the morning show on Radio Veronica. Commercial television did not exist and in football we won something. Lovely.

Also good at that time, representatives car. If you had as a representative or manager reasonable for each other, if you choose a nice company car. Still without an addition: the Greens kept their mouth and the left side was that you had to give precedence. Each brand had a middle-class sedan on sale. The highways were filled with Ford Sierra, Nissan Bluebirds, Peugeot's 405, Rover 400 and Volvo 460's.

Nowadays it is mainly SUV, MPV, Crossover, Urban, Business and Lifestyle. Because you want a lease. Yet? But what if you're averse clumsy body styles, premium badges, sports packages and performance versions? What if you just want a spacious saloon. Just a spacious car with a large trunk for your briefcase. A diesel engine to feed good mileage. And just slip, because how many do you really need? Fortunately there are a few brands that have such a car on sale. Today we compare two sober exponents of this genre. The Peugeot 508 and the Toyota Avensis. In the table you can see what they cost and can:

Brand: Toyota Peugeot
Performance:Blue Lease Executive Pack 1.6 BlueHDi1.6 D-4D Aspiration
List Price:€ 34 190€ 35,350
Tax rate:€ 33 290€ 34 465
Lease rate:760740
Power:120 hp at 3,500 rpm112 hp at 4000 rpm
torque:300 Nm 1750 rpm270 Nm 1,750 rpm
Top speed:202 km / h180 km / h
0-100 km / h:11 sec.11.4 sec.
Consumption:1 to 26.31 to 23.8
Co2 emissions:95 g / km108 g / km

With both cars we have assumed a duration of 48 months, an annual mileage of 40,000 km. The average prices of major leasing companies. The price may vary at different mileages, maturities or options. Lease prices are excluding VAT. Purchase price incl. VAT and BPM.

What strikes us
In general, the specifications of the cars quite similar. Kloeke sedans with a modest dieseltorretje. The Peugeot is on paper a little more elbow grease, but it's Toyota that may attract the heaviest cart. In terms of equipment you do not worry: all the important stuff (climate control, Bluetooth, audio) is done. There are a few minor differences. Toyota has signs recognition (useful to avoid penalties!), Lane assist and a light sensor. Can the Peugeot parry? Hell yes. The 508 comes standard with parking sensors (front and rear), DAB radio and a navigation system. Especially the latter weighs heavily.

The Peugeot 508 has been a while among us. For a moment the addition friendly Hybrids were popular, but those days are already over. In the meantime, the Peugeot 508 has slightly refined to step in to run with the Peugeot 208 and 308. Business is the car very safe: no one will take offense at. Tip: take no white. That is not on the 508 Saloon. Go for a dark blue, dark red or dark green. Then let you post bets brown leather. Do you have a trés chic Targeted at the door.

Peugeot 508

The Toyota Avensis is one year longer than the 508. Then it was another boring typical Japanese business mobile. There was still cracking taste, but two years ago the Avensis got a facelift. Well, facelift. The entire front has been remodeled. Like the 508 was made to take over the family face other Toyotas. Whether it is a successful change, we leave in the middle. Really photogenic the facelifted Avensis is not. In reality, however, it looks fine.

Toyota Avensis

The Peugeot 508 is not such a wrong cockpit. Coincidentally, the supplier of the dashboard is the same as used for its Audi models. Not that it seems to be an Audi dashboard, but it is cared for together. Sure, some parts you really feel it is not as sophisticated as an Audi. But it looks neat, everything is where you expect it and send this Peugeot is still a normal size.

Peugeot 508

You can see that they really have done their best with Toyota to make something of it. It is partly successful. The material used is OK. Not fancy or sophisticated, but just good. The finish is excellent. This is an elaborate car. Negative points? The navigation system is rather low. Also, some outdated look. But it is also a great workplace to linger for years.

Toyota Avensis

To drive
This type of car has long been a specialty of the French. The Peugeot 504, 405, and 406 were excellent trip automobiles, especially with a diesel engine under the hood. The 508 fits perfectly in that list. The chassis is especially designed for comfort. In turn it all remains stable, but you notice that the car better crack work rather leave. The engine is a gem. Relatively strong, creamy and delicious smoothly. That may well those French.

Peugeot 508

Also in the Toyota's terms undercarriage little reason to complain. The car is slightly more dynamic than the 508. But that's like saying that Bob de Rooij is slightly more dynamic than Annie de Rooij. The seating position is slightly better in the Toyota, although it is personal. But the biggest difference is the engine. Toyota is not just under-motorized. Basically, you come with fine with traffic. But with insert and overtake you notice that you are already using quite a lot of the maximum power. It in itself is logical. Toyota does not care much for diesels and builds them hardly more. This block is simply purchased from BMW.

Toyota Avensis

Offer these cars all you need? sober we can answer this with a resounding 'yes'. Both cars are spacious, comfortable, affordable, efficient and sufficient luxury. Basically you do not need more than this. The disadvantages are found mainly in the emotional spectrum. It's not as exciting (boring). But value for money is really good for each other. If we compare the premium four-door C-segment sedans from a few weeks ago, we can see that you for those two (smaller) cars pay 100 euros a month more. Look, you can it with the missus out for dinner.