Hammond’s Morgan Aeromax sale [damaged example]

Posted on 17.11.2017 in Общая категория by

The Morgan Aeromax where Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond ever had with a collision, is for sale. Do not forget to travel to Australia.

The Morgan Aeromax was once owned by Hammond, witness the nameplate under the hood. Despite the current mileage of 5,200 km was awarded the Top Gear hamster still managed the British car damage car to baptize. In 2009, he ended up with this copy in a chain collision, which caused some damage to the bodywork.

Three years later imported Australian motorcycle racer Chris Vermeulen (yes, he has grandparents in Netherlands) car to Australia. Under the hood of the RHD Coupe is a 362 hp 4.8 V8 from BMW. Good for a 0-100 km / h time of 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 257 km / h. The car has a tan leather interior and is disregarding what about spraying in new condition. The Aeromax only 100 copies were built, 24 of which were just as RHD and equipped with a manual six-speed gearbox.

Buy, according to the ad converted 175,000 euro, there are still determined by the generous use some BPM pennies on top. The price in the Netherlands at that time amounted to 239,000 euros.