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The second generation Twingo (2007-2014) had the difficult task to follow up its highly successful predecessor and long-term. For example, stubborn as the first was Twingo, as was conventionally the second.

The name Twingo is a combination of the words "Twist", "Swing" and "Tango". This, according to Renault express the playfulness and fun of the car. For the more standard versions, this seems an exaggerated statement, but Renault also came with a Gordini version includes impressive racing stripes. End of 2011, the Twingo II was facelift but quite big the differences were not.

offer Used

  • AutoScout24 in his 1200 find used copies of the Renault Twingo.
  • Nearly 13% have a diesel engine.
  • Only 1.5% has an automatic gearbox.
  • A whopping 80% of the offer, the 75 bhp 1.2 engine.
  • One in ten Twingo's is red.
  • Really luxuries such as sunroofs, navigation, parking sensors and leather upholstery are rare.
  • Prices start just over 4,000 euros.


  • Relatively reliable.
  • Affordable.


  • Electronic jamming would sometimes occur spontaneously and over again. They are (unfortunately) no specific weaknesses that can be overcome.
  • When diesel fuel and turbos are a weak spot.
  • In 2009 there was a recall on the front seats. By a broken spring, the seat could shift during the driving.
  • Diesels are noisy.
  • Plastic parts in interior sometimes come loose and / or damaged.
  • Refueling is sometimes difficult. In some cases, helps replace the filler pipe.
  • The fuel gauge is not the most reliable.

Below the video we made, the full range can be found here!