The Tesla Model S P85D is a little bit more ‘insane’

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Model S P85D

We suspect that this Tesla has to tackle a world first: a tuning OTA turn.

The fact that the Model S-variant with two electric motors and four-wheel drive has a morbid acceleration power, which is beyond question. Tesla's PR team P85D Several riders have already shown in several videos sprint.

For them there is good news, because an OTA (Over The Air) are delivered the car new software, making the acceleration increases further. CEO Elon Musk let Twitter know that the algorithm of the inverter is changed, making the sprint to 96 km / h (60 mph) is shortened by 0.1 tel. From 3.2 seconds to 3.1 seconds. The regular P85 also benefits according Musk of the update, but to a lesser degree.

The Tesla Model S P85D is a little bit more'insane'

Admittedly, this is above all a marketingdingtje. Elon tweet something, all the nerds in the tech scene get a steamy panties, and everyone has it equally on the social media. But the reality is that this week many owners P85D morning stages in their Tesla, see an update notification appears on the 17-inch screen, and then have a faster car. And that's just crazy. PR or not.

If you're wondering how ordinary people acceleration in a Model S P85 D (700 hp) experience, then just check this video. Warning: video contains strong language and iPhones that stick to the back seat.
The Tesla Model S P85D is a little bit more 'insane'