Technique: why the shark is back in F1

Posted on 17.11.2017 in Общая категория by

Max shark fin

Do not call it a comeback - Carcharodon Carcharias.

Now all new F1 cars are unveiled for the new season, one thing is perfectly clear: the shark's back. For some teams, the thing even so enormous that we can speak of a Carcharodon Megalodon. Earlier we reported that Red Bull would be one of the teams that would not go the fin use this year. But what sketched our surprise at the unveiling of the RB13 adorned secretly do such a thing on the hood.

The return of the fin has to do with the fact that the rear is lower this year we mentioned earlier, but why is that exactly? Technology guru Andy Green Force India imposes a thing from talking to Auto-Motor-und-Sport.

Now the rear wings are higher, they are full again in the 'dirty' turbulent air coming from the front of the car after hitting the front wheels and the like. The shark fin shall take special care that the air hitting the rear cornering minimize swirls in it. In the bends hits the air that comes from the front wheels to the rear namely partly sideways. Andy says:

"We are developing the car in the first place to go hard cornering, not on the straight. The shark makes you a little more downforce, particularly in the middle of the curve. "

Interestingly, the new T-wing where Mercedes, Ferrari but Haas and Williams in different shapes experimenting, has about the same purpose. That is, if we can believe the teams. Ferrari is the extra wing onto the shark fin. Mercedes other hand, has already been tested with different setups: with a shark's fin and without T-wing and vice versa. An engineer of the favorite gives the title to know that the team in the wind tunnel but sees very little difference between the two versions. Or combining the two yields additional benefits, they can determine just ask at Ferrari.