The E55 AMG Marketplace requires a license

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Claiming at least the seller.

Recently we have compared the W212 AMG with the AMG W213. However, the okkazie of today we have a little further back in time. This E is namely one of the generation W211. That also means that the type designation already reveals that it is a copy of the facelift. After the lift of the received W211 namely, all of the now-legendary atmospheric M156 block under the hood and on the back of the wafer was changed to E63 AMG.

Is it therefore right a less desirable option? Well, yes and no. As with successor W212 enjoy the facelift version of the W211 generation a slightly better reputation for reliability. Let's say that Mercedes cautiously in this area not made its best period of about 1995 to about 2005. You also ontbeer with the E55 AMG that wonderful atmospheric block though the E63.

But, on the other hand that the power source from the E55 also has its charm. The base is just the M113 block Mercedes then also used in its '500' models. The AMG versions, however, have a longer stroke, and then there was also set up a whopper of a compressor. Okay, okay, they may also have changed some other engine and strengthened so things remained intact. The block is also in the Mercedes SLR. At bragging rights so no shortage.

The copy here is performed see the pictures in color and curbanitsilber volbehangen options as you would expect from such a car. The original price of this Dutch car was 139 940 Euros. There are now, however, 168 197 kilometers on the clock and the seller will have 19,950 euros for the 476 hp Merc. The ad is a little bit unusual. This blend of fine print and ALLCAPS we do not often see.

"AFFORDABLE PORSCHE KILLER ... REALLY FRIGHTENING ... FAST. Pilot license required ... haha ​​....
SUPER ... LOOK TOUGH original E55 AMG V8 Kompressor ... JUMPING there on all sides ....... Performed WITHOUT LOGOS ... .. Wolf in Sheep Clothes

FAIR is honest ... What can you now buy 20,000 Euro ... with so much power ... as blood quickly ... so reliable ... and with such FUN FACTOR

YOU just as SITTING FOR NOW ... to BUY ... This car is driven by our PRIVATE


THE ORIGINAL ... NL car ... BOOKS ... All NAP Autopas ... SUPER TIGHT ... Smoked Out

All options ... new price at the time ... 139 940 Euro

LOWERING it ... 95% chance ... that it is ON or ON

SUPER COLOR SILVER CURBANIT .. .. .. with the Bumpers Mirrors .. Body side moldings ... Handles ... Door sill ... and the subtle rear spoiler ... ALSO color ............ .. And VERY CHIC makes COMBI .. the CHROME LISTS .. on the side moldings around ... and Quirk

BLUE ... solar control glass

Combination THE COLOR BLACK with wheels really IS BRUTE ... Should You see ... much nicer than the photos VIEW "

And so it goes for a bit. You let this put you off, or is soon Email your valentine? Tell in the comments.

Thanks Reggie-Boy for the tip!