“Police insisted Vermeer not because of skin color”

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"Police insisted Vermeer not because of skin color"

* Dodges Sylvana joke *

For those who missed it. Kenneth Vermeer, Feyenoord goalkeeper, was recently stopped by police in Almere. According Vermeer once again, he would by now have daily kid. The police was merely to make a routine check and ethnicity also nothing to the story. The keeper was in fact arrested because of his Brabus GLE.

Let the word to the police:

"We have stopped the car put in a regular traffic at the Almere Strand. The agent was able to see through the tinted windows nothing. He was only arrested because of his remarkably large and expensive cars. "

Vermeer and agent Winnie Haatrecht are not assured that this is the last time that picked the goalkeeper of the road. Both camps is in this context to say anything, because secretly we all ask ourselves sometimes wonder 'where' ie (m / f) does it. " On the other hand, of course, means that not only lawyers (example 1, example 2) and brain surgeons in big cars are allowed to drive.

Earlier happened incidentally something similar with rapper Typhoon. Because of his "conspicuous big car" (a Outlander PHEV, we do not lie), he should explain to the police how he could afford such expensive cars. Typhoon remained among themselves lightly.

View images of the standing posture Vermeer below. Earlier spots Vermeer his thick CLA45 GLE AMG and Brabus look THERE.

Kenneth Vermeer