Fastest Audi S3 in the world (+ 1.000pk) sets new record

Posted on 17.11.2017 in Общая категория by

While Greece spent harder than accepting gyros that money came, and brought the euro to the edge of the abyss, they have to do in the interior also still real nice things. Instead of full hammock lie, decided the boys 0-400 Tune 2 Race make their S3 even slightly faster, and surfaced with the drag strip.

We made two years ago for the first time with this inflated S3 when it was pumped from the 3.2 liter engine about 800 hp thanks to a giant turbo. But if you have not a high priority as the sustainability of the block, the horsepower limit is not reached. Indeed, with a few minor adjustments and a turbobodruk of 2.3 bar capacity was soon over 1,000 horsepower it. How far they do not know exactly, but its details.

With 800 hp, they laid 400 meters -or the quarter mile, so you want-off in 10.43 seconds. Now, with a fresh dose of relief, this blue bomblet do it in just 8.84s to a corridor of 259.36 km / h to pass the 400 meter line. which is a new record VAG. According to this tuner, at least. (Via

Below the quite impressive acceleration of the eight second car.