Volvo: XC40 will be our best selling model

Posted on 17.11.2017 in Общая категория by


The Swedish carmaker looks on ahead.

A few years ago there was the new XC90 (driving test). With a fresh face family Volvo began a new offensive in the segment of higher vehicles. The XC60 followed the XC40 will make its debut this year and next.

It is expected that the XC60 is going to be an absolute best seller. However, Volvo itself expects the XC40 here will go the extra mile. "It is a fast growing segment. We see a lot of potential and we have not even a model in this segment. "

The XC40 will soon have to compete with the Audi Q2, Mercedes GLA and the BMW X1. The compact SUV gets a lot of gadgets with its bigger brothers. Among other four-wheel drive and the infotainment system of the XC90 and XC60 will come to the smaller XC40. The appearance will be no surprise: an XC60 from the children's department.

It is too early to say whether there will be a performance variant of the XC40. Rumors are there, but Greg Volvo Australia Bosnich says here knowing nothing compared Motoring.

The compact Swede soon rolling on the new CMA platform. Volvo shares this platform with the Chinese Geely. Also a brand new S40 and the new V40 will come to be on this new platform.