Car culture: those who have money, take a car elevator

Posted on 17.11.2017 in Общая категория by

In the US shows a significant increase in applications for a gadget or home, the car lift. Absolutely nothing new, but companies that install them have more work than ever.

As the owner of brutal car stuff you want your wheels obviously can park Be it as neat as possible intact. Leave your car to another floor 'lift' is a beautiful Bruce Wayne-way to store it safely. This way of storing cars recently arrived in the US to be in the spotlight as presidential candidate Mitt Romney had plans to renovate his villa with sea views in San Diego for $ 12 million, including a pair of car lifts. You have roughly $ 230 million and you want some, shall we say. Since the plans were laid Romney remodeling otherwise put on hold street.

But the car lift or elevator car, is more than just a toy for the 1% like their cars may want to store underground in the coolest way. In some, especially urban areas, for example, not possible or allowed garages to expand horizontally. Then but up or down with the aid of a kek elevator car.

Forbes had a conversation with the people behind American Custom Lifts, the company that Romney would install-lifts. They usually have two or three orders per month, but currently there are 19. Who can afford and cars as a boss would put away, choose in the US so increasingly for a car lift. But we can imagine that the smart elevators in other countries are becoming increasingly popular.

Prices of American Custom Lifts car lift starting at 42 grand, plus installation costs typically amount to $ 13,000. Of course you can make it as crazy as you want. An example of that are quite brutal car elevator is this model of Tom Gonzales.

A few models that lift farmer ACL installed.

A autlift to get into the living room your vintage Corvette out of the garage? Liftsta me!

Movie Forbes talking to a stone slide in NYC a 14-storey building of a 'sky garage' provided. Increasingly rete luxury condo's gain as all standard amenities include a car lift. And that's better than standing with a few strangers in the elevator, right?