Result Formula 1 Grand Prix of Russia 2016

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Result Formula 1 Grand Prix of Russia 2016

Chord, the circuit is not the most exciting revolution of the calendar. Fortunately things have happened in the epicenter of the modern Western democracy.

The start and the first corner make not too much action. But then it goes wrong for Sebastian Vettel. The German champion in China had a chat with Kvyat after the race and now banded together grabs the spotlight. On two occasions Kvyat gives a little touch of Vettel that his car backwards at the second beukje ramming into the boards. There reading kids, so we can not repeat the diatribe about the Ferrari-radio.

Rosberg has a very fine start and is leading. Max loses one place to four and what to do. Incidentally, it goes back to the wrong field. Nico Hulkenberg can take a shower after a touché. Ferrari Vettel is scattered displayed on the tarmac run-off areas and, therefore, the safety car coming to pass. Incidentally, the former champion it starts already with the muster of the bunch. Sympathetic!

Hamilton supporters got straight to P5, just before Verstappen. Raikkonen Bottas and have a good time with each other, with Bottas draws the longest straw. Hamilton steams to P4 at the expense of Mass, which will be placed Verstappen under pressure immediately. LH44 is doing good and take to graze Raikkonen for P3. He steams through the tail of Bottas, which smack dives into the pits.

Lewis will get free rein direction Rosberg, but on 14 count backlog. The champion immediately dives into the pits and is, unfortunately, the job for him back behind Bottas on. But Hamilton steams through and also tackles Alonso for P4. And Max? lying on a fine second place. The Dutchman runs the longest first stint of the field and appeared for the pinch shaved Hamilton in the pits. He returns to P7, with soft tires.

*startles awake*

Perez dives into the pits and slides a Verstappen plekkie on. Hamilton is clearly the fastest man on the track, while Sainz Perez and keep a nice gevechtje. But a broken Ferrari engine jast the sting out Verstappens game. Shame, because apart from a slow start Max drove a very solid race. He leaves the game P6.

After this much fascinating stuff unfortunately does not happen anymore, in an already fairly colorless contest. Massa should get new tires for the last time and blazes on his supersofts towards the finish. Rosberg meanwhile will triple by scoring the fastest lap on the penultimate lap. After the pole position victory is his. Hamilton ends a handsome P2 and Raikkonen ending a nondescript performance at P3, P4 Bottas arrested. The rest you check below.

Result Russia F1