Qualifying Formula 1: Bahrain Grand Prix 2017

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In free practice this morning Max parked his RB13 in the first place. he could continue this good form into qualifying after the sun set in the desert?

Max grabbed the first time in the third free practice was pretty surprising. Yesterday our countryman was still struggling with the broken wing of T-Valtteri Bottas and thus he lost a lot of time in the second practice. Moreover, the distance between Red Bull and the top of the field is still very large in the previous races. therefore the hope of the team was drawn to the 'B spec' car. But that was still only used in Spain?

If we are to believe Lewis Hamilton would be the loss of time in the second practice VER sometimes to be able to break in qualifying. Several years ago, the organization of the race in Bahrain namely decided to keep the race now in the dark. It has the necessary impact on the cars, because in the evening it cools down considerably on the track. So that requires some tweaks to the set. The qualification and VT2 be held after sunset, but not VT1 and VT3. According LH44 is the difference in circumstances so great that the data collected by the teams is practically worthless in VT1 and VT3.

Lance Stroll and the two Saubers go first on track to set a time. The camera focuses equally on the pit box of Williams, where the family Stroll tense watching the operations of son / brother love. The first part of the qualifying laps a little forth, truly remarkable things happen initially. However, Max Verstappen drives to a blistering second time in less than one tenth of a second away from Hamilton that sets the benchmark. We should note that Hamilton puts his time on the softs and Verstappen has chosen the red supersofts.

Bottas and Vettel also choose Q1 by cruising on the softs. Raikkonen apparently, however, has less confidence in the harder band and / or in its speed and continues as the rest of the field for the supersofts. He is thus narrowly slower than MV33. The speed of Red Bull really?

At the end of the session, the traditional marbles to the lesser gods. In addition, let's open the question whether it is now or the drivers of the cars. Vandoorne, Perez, Ericsson and Magnussen not get Q2. The same goes for Sainz who stops at the end of Q1 with a broken STR12. Indy 500 rookie Alonso has it just be, like Pascal Wehrlein and Esteban Ocon. A boost for the last two, there Wehrlein missed the first two GPs of the year and it is the first time for Ocon he outwitted Perez this year.

While the wind has died down, the drivers take a few extra minutes break before they visit the job again. Q2 lasts 15 minutes, but only a minute or even twelve on the clock Bottas looking for the first job.

Interestingly Raikkonen now seeks the job with a used set supersofts. If he knows this place for Q3 is probably a good strategy. The softs are indeed seen as the best race tire for tomorrow. Combined with its choice of the red tires in Q1, he keeps in this way perhaps an extra set of new softs.

Q2 meanwhile emerged as a somewhat strange session. The differences between the teams are here and there so great that Alonso takes an advance on the Monaco GP and not worth taking yet to take action. He considers his McLaren apparently unable to get very far beyond P15 and save his tires.

But the front of the field, there is little action. The drivers of Mercedes and Ferrari do a tour, know that it is sufficient and steps. Job done. The tension'm so is in the group of drivers between these two extremes. Ultimately it the two Red Bull drivers, Massa, Grosjean and the two Renault drivers who Q3. A handsome result so for the yellow team. Especially in this job that demands a lot from the engine. Kvyat opens wide in the last corner and takes the top 10 just not. In addition, should also Stroll, Ocon, Wehrlein Alonso and watch the last session.

Jetzt geht's los! The drivers get here the last detail by their engineers. Lewis goes for his third pole of the year and warned that the wind blows a little harder on the track. Ricciardo is the first to put a serious time on the clock, but he breaks the 1: 30.xxx-barrier. Then comes Bottas ... and that is just another 1.2 seconds faster. So much for the hope of a surprise Red Bull.

If Hamilton cross the finish he obviously going to P1. However, the difference with Bottas only 52 thousandths of a second, so the Finn comes close. It is actually only the question of what can the red team. Unfortunately for anyone who cares about Italian team, they still can not compete in qualifying for the Silver Arrows. Vettel comes just over four tenths of Mercs, Raikkonen is back four tenths behind.

This brings Kimi in sight of Max, which is remarkably faster than his teammate Ricciardo. Normally, the two very evenly matched, but this time the difference is a big three tenths. Well there is a second round. New round, new opportunities!

Often we see that the second round does not produce much difference. This time is however still a little different. Bottas namely Hamilton grabs with a minimum difference of 23 thousandths. It is the first pole for the Finn. It's him successful, but also a little bales. That's another 10 points less in the F1 Manager game for me ...

Vettel remains third but Raikkonen loses his fourth place. Unfortunately, Max is not the one responsible for it. Precisely Ricciardo who continually seemed the slower of the two, comes back as often surfaced at the end of Q3. Verstappen is sixth for Hulkenberg, Massa, Grosjean and Palmer.

UPDATE: Max indicates after qualifying to be frustrated with the result and have to peel a small apple with Massa.


The complete results:

1. Valtteri Bottas
2. Lewis Hamilton
3. Sebastian Vettel
4. Daniel Ricciardo
5. Kimi Raikkonen
6. Max Verstappen
7. Nico Hulkenberg
8. Felipe Massa
9. Romain Grosjean
10. Jolyon Palmer

11. Daniil Kvyat
12. Lance Stroll
13. Pascal Wehrlein
14. Esteban Ocon
15. Fernando Alonso

16. Carlos Sainz
17. Stoffel Vandoorne
18. Sergio Perez
19. Marcus Ericsson
20. Kevin Magnussen