Volkswagen Golf 7 is officially [2013]

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The 38-year-old story of the Golf received tonight a sequel. It takes some searching Be it narrowed eyes, but it is really a new model. And after the obligatory uitlekfoto's we have here all the info.

After the new Audi A3 is the Golf, the second car built on the MQB platform VAG. As a result, the front wheels 43 millimeters could be placed further forward relative to its predecessor. The wheelbase has increased a total of 5.6 centimeters and the external dimensions are 4255 millimeters in length, 1,799 millimeters in width, and a height of 1,452 millimeters. And design? The family as the face modeled nose is more pointed over and under the door handles shaped body we find a sharper crease. At the back we see that the C-style still has its boomerangvormpje and taillights again taper. Secretly quite like Audi. And no, absolutely no breakthrough design, but you do not expect more since the Golf V.

A comparison between the VI and VII, in which the more sloping arrangement of the rear window is clearly visible:
Room upgrade

100 kg
Gulf weighs an obese mummy less far been known. A new platform & lighter steel in order to co-operate (-37), new engines (-40), lighter rotating parts (-26) and in some other materials in the electronics (-6) resulted in a saving of 100 kg. Fun for the bar in terms of anecdote at the bar, but filling station & oil sheiks are less happy with.

It will not come as a surprise that Volkswagen used only blocks with direct injection and turbocharging. What is new is the feature to turn off automatically cylinders. Allows vierpitter at part load is virtually a twin cylinder to reduce fuel consumption by 0.4 l / 100 km. The TSI engines that are on 3 November- at dealers from selling off -in Netherlands start with 85 (1.2) and 140 hp (1.4). Diesel residents from the outset the choice of a 105 hp version wegslurpt paper 3.8 l / 100km, while 99 g / km of CO2 blows. The 150 hp TDI is still and does 4.1 l / 100km and 106 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Lease Favorite?
The term Blue Motion is also reflected in the Gulf 7 and thereby emits the 1.6 TDI under the hood 85 grams of CO2 per kilometer. Jup, more economical than a Polo BlueMotion slowmo ehh ... This makes this version can count on a warm reception in the 14% category addition, which are found only C-segmenters and consumption amounts to 3.2 liters per 100 km.

Some notable options then: multi-collision braking system, City Emergency Braking function (works up to 30 km / h) Adaptive cruise control PreCrash (belts that tighten and windows shut at impending crash) and Front Assist with radar oncoming traffic registers and the brake pads closer to the discs already put in a possible collision.

In the Gulf 7 is a multimedia touch screen in the size 5, 5.8, or 8-inch. The two largest sizes is a system with hand recognition: Move your finger close to the screen and it automatically switches to input mode.

GTI with barrier
Then just the news of our mole at the unveiling party; the GTI and GTD versions will be introduced in mid-2013. But is much more fun the scoop that the GTI gets a mechanical differential lock. Stick in the corners, hurray! The other models besides getting an XDS electronic differential lock. Those who prefer eco-friendly and Greenpeace do not want to get on his car roof can already order electric Gulf late next year. The Golf R and the version with a plug connector -also known plug-in hybrid genoemd- follow in 2014.

From October 1, the order lists open and will prices be known.

UPDATE: A video showing the exterior 7 minutes shown - perfect slaapmutjes so - is on

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