Pats: this is the new Dacia Duster

Posted on 17.11.2017 in Общая категория by

After the new Cayenne and the Conti GT is finally time for really creamy news.

Forward, gentle intro. You'll encounter the Duster indeed more than the aforementioned models added together and thus the tough Dacia is a very relevant point. Renault announces proud that there are now more than one million Dusters sold and that this revamped version heralds a new era for the model.

The newcomer is even better performing very well in the field and that includes a more robust look at, as well as a new paint color that listens to the name Atacama Orange. Due to the positioning of the headlamps, the Duster seems, moreover, a piece of wider.

Further, the windshield 100 mm towards the front and a little steeper positioned so that the interior seem a lot more spacious. The Duster rolls on 17 inchers with pronounced wheel arches to further underline once the tough offroad character. Information about the engine supply and other specs will soon follow, the new Duster on the IAA.