Man demolishes big BMW. Again.

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Man demolishes big BMW. Again.

Some dissatisfied customers make it not sit like this Italian.

Possibly the name says Hadi Pourmohseni you something. The Italian was so dissatisfied with the quality of which he leased BMW M6 in 2008 and the service of the dealer, he car in 2013 in front of the IAA with a hammer hit together. The video of this remarkable scene HERE check.

Pourmohseni was refurbishing the car to him a year out to Mathews stabbing on fire, this time for the BMW headquarters in Munich. To top it off was even put a BMW Z3 on fire by this man in 2015. You would think that the message now was clear, but the Italian is going through.

the man recently created a 7 Series on fire, again in front of the BMW headquarters in Munich. The fire department had to bear in order to extinguish the Siebener and the police came it to pass. Pourmohseni was taken away in handcuffs. The best man is going through his actions, to make it clear that he disagrees with the quality of modern BMWs.