The ten cheapest cars Netherlands

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Suzuki Celerio! The cheapest car in Netherlands

For those who want a new car, but as little as possible will give out: these are the ten cheapest cars in the Netherlands!

We've again looked for: the cheapest cars in the country. In it a lot of cars that you would expect: cars in the A segment with low CO2 emissions dominate the list. Conspicuously absent is Ford, which have replaced the more expensive Ka Ka +, so they do not appear in this list.

But there are also a few that just unexpectedly just did not make it this year. Therefore, a heartfelt "Sorry dude!" For the Dacia Sandero (€ 11,680) Skoda Citigo (€ 11,690), Hyundai i10 (€ 11,695), Kia Picanto (€ 11,725) and the Smart ForTwo (€ 11 754). They're all really close to the number 10, but did not make it. Most notable here is the Skoda Citigo, which was the best in 2015. Then took a Citigo incidentally € 8,860 euros, € 2,830 euros less than at present.

Enough about the past. By the heroes of the day, these are the cars that made it to the Top 10 do!

10. Peugeot 108 - € 11,660
Klein, French and a solid appearance in this list. The brand with the lion is just not in the Top 10.
Gallery: Peugeot 108 image Peugeot 108-01.jpgimage Peugeot 108-02.jpgimage Peugeot 108-03.jpgimage Peugeot 108-04.jpgimage Peugeot 108-05.jpg

9. Seat Mii - € 11,650
Back with a vengeance: the Seat Mii has returned to the list after a year of absence in 2016!
Gallery: Seat Mii image SEAT_Mii_01.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_02.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_03.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_04.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_05.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_06.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_07.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_08.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_09.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_10.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_11.jpgimage SEAT_Mii_12.jpgimage Seat_Mii_13.jpgimage Seat_Mii_14.jpg

8. Renault Twingo - € 11,580
The RWD with motor in the butt that is, the Porsche 911 under the kilo hits. Well, sort of. Twingo (driving test) P8 grabs!
Gallery: Renault Twingo 2014 Renault Twingo-image-2014-001.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-002.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-003.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-004.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-005.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-006.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-007.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-008.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-009.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-010.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-011.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-012.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-013.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-014.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-015.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-016.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-018.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-019.jpgRenault Twingo-image-2014-020.jpg

7. Volkswagen up! - € 11,475
Surprisingly, the cheapest of the "three" with the brothers of Seat and Skoda have checked. Wouter reed it. And screamed.
Gallery: 2016 Volkswagen Up image vw-up 2016-00001.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00002.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00003.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00004.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00005.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00006.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00007.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00008.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00009.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00010.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00011.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00012.jpgimage vw-up 2016-00013.jpg

6. Toyota Aygo - € 11 395
The Aygo with his crotch in his face. Costs now less than last year!
Gallery: Toyota Aygo 2014 image Toyota Aygo-2014-01.jpgimage Toyota Aygo-2014-02.jpgimage Toyota Aygo-2014-03.jpgimage Toyota Aygo-2014-04.jpgimage Toyota Aygo-2014-05.jpgimage Toyota Aygo-2014-06.jpgimage Toyota Aygo-2014-07.jpgimage Toyota Aygo-2014-08.jpg

5. Opel Karl - € 11,345
Nowadays deal with a well-filled YouTube account. If that catches on with other manufacturers, we also make it a list of next year!
Gallery: 2015 Opel Karl image Opel Karl-2015-001.jpgimage Opel Karl-2015-002.jpgimage Opel Karl-2015-003.jpgimage Opel Karl-2015-004.jpgimage Opel Karl-2015-005.jpgimage Opel Karl-2015-006.jpgimage Opel Karl-2015-007.jpg

4. Citroen C1 - € 11,290
We are still waiting for that tasty fat version, Citroën!
Gallery: Lemon C1 2014 image Lemon C1-2014-01.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-02.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-03.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-04.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-05.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-06.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-07.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-08.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-09.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-10.jpgimage Lemon C1-2014-11.jpg

3. Mitsubishi Space Star - € 11,270
The compact city car Mitsubishi row from your 11 grand.
Gallery: Mitsubishi Space Star 2015 image Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-001.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star 2015-001b.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-002.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star 2015-002b.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-003.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star 2015-003b.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-004.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star 2015-004b.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-005.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star 2015-005b.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-006.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star 2015-006b.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-007.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-008.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-009.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-010.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-011.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-012.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-013.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-014.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-015.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-016.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-017.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-018.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-019.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-020.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-021.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-022.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-023.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-024.jpgimage Mitsubishi Space Star-2015-025.jpg

2. Fiat Panda - € 10,995
The Italians stand. This Panda seems already in production to be immemorial. But that was his father and that has become a cult hero.
Gallery: Fiat Panda 2012 image Fiat_Panda_2012_01.jpgimage Fiat_Panda_2012_02.jpgimage Fiat_Panda_2012_03.jpgimage Fiat_Panda_2012_04.jpgimage Fiat_Panda_2012_05.jpg

1. Suzuki Celerio - € 10,799
The lead remains in Japanese hands, Suzuki Celerio is just the cheapest car in the Netherlands last year!
Gallery: Suzuki Celerio Suzuki Celerio image-7201.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7202.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7203.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7204.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7205.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7206.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7207.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7208.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7209.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7210.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7211.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7212.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7213.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7214.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7215.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7216.jpgSuzuki Celerio image-7217.jpg

That was him again! Would you still look back once the lists of previous years? Which can!