Result Formula 1 Grand Prix of Canada 2017

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Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton passes Vettel on or know "Der kleine Finger 'to extend his lead? Read the full report here!

The Canadian Grand Prix is ​​traditionally one of the most enjoyable races on the calendar. The track is fast thanks to the long straights and in contrast to the street race two weeks ago, there are many opportunities to overtake. The course is known for its changeable weather. At the start there is no rain, but the wind gusts seem to be huge. Favorite to win? Lewis Hamilton, after his huge lap the Briton yesterday seems to have the best. However, the race pace of Ferrari's impressive. It seems that Red Bull with Max Verstappen starting from P5 is already on top of what the RB13 can. But are these assumptions do? In Formula 1 you never know, after all. As Murray Walker said: "In Formula 1 anything can happen, and it does Usually". Good man.

Max Verstappen has a great start !!! Immediately in the first two corners Max grabs second place. Almost immediately thereafter there will be a safety car on the track. Felipe Massa and Carlos Sainz are afgeknald the job. Carlos Sainz's car skids and Felipe Massa take it. One particular incident. Grosjean goes directly in to repair his wing, to join as 17th in the rest of the field. Only the start of this race is more exciting than the race two weeks ago.

If you are wondering how fast the Mercedes-AMG GTS Bernd Mayländer on the racetrack: about 2 minutes and 2 seconds. Not wrong. The cars still running laps behind the Safety Car. In round 3 AMG GT goes inside. At the restart Verstappen put right his proverbial teeth into the proverbial gearbox Hamilton and put pressure. Verstappen has obvious hurry.

In the 6th round Vettel goes inside to get his damaged front wing replaced. The wing that went off by a contact with Max Verstappen. thus the German falls back to 18th place. He runs significantly faster than the rest and overtaking is possible, so all we can write off the Germans yet. But unfortunately we can, unfortunately, does depreciate Verstappen. Due to a problem with the (probably) MGU is the Dutchman. The virtual safety car is deployed on lap 11.

In round 15 the race is resumed. Hülkenberg picks Stoffel Vandoorne, but whom we see there on P9? Indeed Lance Stroll that runs his home race. Would the Canadian nevertheless some of may? The battle for P10 (with Hülkenberg and Kvyat) is more exciting than the 'struggle' front. Hamilton leads generous with his teammate Bottas appropriate distance.

round 19: Ricciardo comes in a set of new tires, just after Raikkonen has also been. Due to the circumstances with the pitstops Ocon is in second place after Bottas goes into the pits round 24. Now Max is out, we look at teammate Ricciardo. Daniel is the only driver in the field who rides on the soft tires. The top 3 rides on Ultrasofts (the most soft bands), while the rest of the top 10 on Super Soft's condition. Ricciardo will go for the Long Run?

In round 27 outsmarted Nico Hülkenberg Long Stroll, giving the young millionaire son again is just outside the points. Bummer. Is there any conflict on the job? Yes, Hülkenberg seems to have found the speed in his Renault and now stands at P9. At the same time going beyond Vettel Fernando Alonso, who clearly does not have the time of his life. He complains about everything: the engine is low on power, he does not get the proper information from the team and the screen on the ATM is too small to show his balance. Watch Fernando, this is ask the Japanese gods for failing a Honda engine.

While round 31 Bottas then really starts to urge Ocon. The Force India Driver must still inside, so it seems unlikely that Esteban at all costs will defend his place. Or so you would say, but Ocon offers brave resistance. His teammate is doing excellent business, because Perez is right behind Daniel Ricciardo. Everyone has now been in the pit stops, Alonso after. Wondering what tactics they will perform at McLaren, Alonso driving for more than a half second slower than the drivers around him.

round 37: Hamilton still leads glorious, 10 seconds for Bottas, Ricciardo which also keeps at the same distance. Behind it is exciting. Raikkonen is reasonable (2 seconds) behind Perez, but at the same time Esteban Ocon hang up his ass. It seems to be more exciting, because behind Ocon Vettel is fast approaching. The German is the Mercedes after, the fastest on the track.

Raikkonen goes into the pits for a set Ultrasofts, especially. Probably they want to put him in 'clean air', but still 26 laps on Ultrasofts requires caution. It appears to work out well since Raikkonen running hard on Vettel, who is on older tires.

We know times are McLaren and Williams were fighting each other. That is round 48 the case, just how the teams would wish it initially. Stroll outwitted Alonso and seems really to get a place in the points (P10). Reportedly he receives from his father than a hockey club, zoo or airport (but can also be made up). At the same time Ricciardo is particularly troublesome with its tires, which lies on the border of grip and slip. Over the radio, the Australian is informed to get the Force India there's still more problems (go). For the record: Perez is one second behind Ricciardo and Ocon is three tenths behind Perez. The Force India's doing it all season very well. Monaco after the team scores with the pink cars each double points finish.

Force India is particularly sporty. Ocon has to catch up faster than Perez and Ricciardo thinks. Instead of team orders they leave it to Perez. Good thing. As for Force India to attend is a good thing: the Ferraris are 10 seconds behind Ocon. But the scarlet cars drive much faster lap times. Raikkonen runs 1: 15.4, while Vettel 1: 15.2 runs. The rest of the top 5 are driving in the high-1: 16s. That's a half seconds per lap faster.

round 55 will not go down in history as the best lap for Kvyat. He goes into the pits, but absolutely everything goes wrong. Good tires are not ready and thanks to the long wait, the engine stops. Kvyat can move forward, but close to the 17th (and last) of the field. The Russian is three laps later in the pits. He does not have to walk anyway.

The Hague Kwartiertje has arrived! Will there still happen? With only ten laps appear profits go to Hamilton. Despite leading the British well, it significantly increases the pace. In round 61 Raikkonen seems to sleep a bit because he verremt himself for the final chicane. Vettel extends his child's past.

The remark about that sleeping does not end, because the lap times show that Raikkonen by lap four seconds slower. The Finn has a problem with the car. Bad luck for Raikkonen, but his teammate is better off. He's right behind Force India's. Vettel has already overtaken the whole field, but now comes the real work. He has five laps to get by.

Five exciting rounds while Ocon huge presses with Perez. Vettel is still right behind Ocon. Yes! In round 66 Ocon seems finally to overtake Perez. But Perez parries able. Simultaneously Vettel sits in wait and sticks it ventured beyond Ocon, which inhibits late. Ocon immediately falls back a few seconds, but should be thanked for an interesting race.

Than in round 69 it still goes wrong for McLaren, Alonso again falls out due to a broken Honda engine. Goh. They are very stable in performance in any case, since in Japan. Yet some action! Mathews which Vettel. He does the trick again and picks up in the penultimate round in fourth place on Sergio Perez, while Lewis Hamilton grabs profits, P2 Bottas and Daniel Ricciardo (again) is third.

As I said, the Canadian Grand Prix is ​​often again an exciting race. Pity Verstappen went out after such a brilliant start, but for the F1 fan race in Montreal was enjoying old-fashioned!

The complete results:

1. Lewis Hamilton
2. Valtteri Bottas
3. Daniel Ricciardo
4. Sebastian Vettel
5. Sergio Perez
6. Esteban Ocon
7. Kimi Raikkonen
8. Nico Hülkenberg
9. Lance Stroll (!)
10. Romain Grosjean.
11. Joylon Palmer
12. Kevin Magnussen
13. Marcus Ericcson
14. Stoffel Vandoorne
15. Pascal Wehrlein
16. Fernando Alonso

Felipe Massa (Crash)
Carlos Sainz (Crash)
Max Verstappen (Hybrid System)
Daniel Kvyat (Transmission?)
Fernando Alonso (Motor)

* Update *: We have commented Max:

Verstappen after Montreal