“Formula one was a disaster for me”

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Is this bold statement coming from the mouth ofA) Taki InoueB) Toranosuke TakagiC) Yuji IdeD) Tony Fernandes

Indeed! It was E) Sebastian Vettel. Well, secretly of course not. Although the German has the judging sometimes hard on his radio traffic, it owes much to the sport. But where the best drivers and teams in the field can earn a greasy slice of the F1, the back of the markers is a matter of to struggle and pay off losses. The account can be partly supported by professional drivers who readily put down money for the F1 experience, "but the rest will have to cough up the owner of the team.

All this with the often motivated by vanity vain hope that 'Your name's Race Emporium' on a beautiful day in front of the grid next state, or preferably before the Ferraris and McLarens. Wait, why not for the Silver Arrows? Well, let's face it: now it might be to imagine, but if anything no longer running at Mercedes and some management-yo will increase too much cost, so the brand can again leave the sport. That's just what commit the big manufacturers to do in F1.

Due to this fact finally came the protagonist of this story, Tony Fernandes, the scene in the F1 circus. In mid-00s, most of the private teams who are on makeup the majority of the field in the past, fumigated by ever-increasing costs. Some were able to sell their Asian shops such as Jordan and Minardi. Others like Arrows simply disappeared from the grid.

Well that was never been different in the past. The list of adventurers to start an F1 team in the past and then disappeared quickly is almost endless. Only a few of the dusty team names: Eagle, DeTomaso, Connaught, ATS, Ensign, the Dutch Boro, Forti, Hesketh, Kojima, Larrouse, Lotus (now three times), Onyx, Osella, Penske, Walter Wolf Racing and @ willeme's favorite, Andrea Moda F1. But each time a new sucker however was again ready to take the place of the last losers.

Except after the 2009 season, at least, so it seemed at first. Formula 1 had himself cut the fingers. Bernie Ecclestone made no secret that he was wearing nothing to needy teams came spotting are expensive party. He was just great, attracting wealthy brands. In 2008, the sly fox was probably proud as a peacock with seven tails. The majority of the starting field consisted of (de facto) factory teams, namely that of Ferrari, BMW, Renault, Toyota, and Honda (McLaren-) Mercedes. But two years later, said half of the team "Okay, bye!" To the old Bernard, the last and the F1 with a big problem behind.

There were only nine teams namely (so 18 cars) on. In addition, some of the perverse remaining teams is also not exactly in good health. Thus was quickly developed a plan to still attract some new blood. Max Mosley charged potential team owners before they could be competitive on a shoestring budget, because there would be a budget cap. Cosworth would provide a nice economical engine.

We know what these promises has come. The three new teams (originally Lotus Racing, Hispania Racing F1 team USF1 and Virgin Racing called) have all been already disappeared from the scene. Eventually, the three as many private teams used them as no more than a stop-gap to bridge the period until there were again found capital powerful parties to fill the field. Looking back at the BBC's Radio 5 Live Lotus / Caterham's Tony Fernandes also indicates that Formula 1 was a disaster for him.

Formula 1 was a disaster for me. Anyway, not everything has always to be measured by how much success you have, I think it's important to do things I believe in. And I was pretty well on the grid with Ferrari, McLaren and Williams, I always looked up to. Okay, we were at the back but we were there.

The fact is that Max Mosley had promised me that the cost would be to run an F1 team halved. In reality, however, only the cost but went up. An F1 team starting from nothing today is a risky business, I do not see it happen to someone like Eddie Jordan can put on a team and in the foreseeable future can win a race. Back of the field is only going to pay off losses also paying drivers. It's a shame really thereby talent remains on the side.

Whose deed.

Image Credit-: Webber and Kovalainen meet in Valencia on Twitter