Accelerator Tesla Model S is plastic and jerk

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It's from plastic, it's not fantastic ...

While the price of a aandeeltje TSLA further and further shooting in the air, questions come again and again surfaced about the build quality of Tesla's models. Tesla's there are anyway not known to have the best finish.

Small issue like loose door seals and poorly sealed interior panels are commonplace, but also larger problems. Fameus is the case of the Model S which was delivered at a split A-pillar. It turned the problem to be so great that the customer in question was a completely new Model S Tesla.

Incomprehensible that a car, let alone a pricey as the Model S, is by all quality of the factory and the dealer and is delivered to a customer with a similar problem. Although, maybe it's not so incredible charge. In order not to delay the introduction of the Model 3 Elon indeed decided that traditional quality control is not necessarily required for this model.

Meanwhile, there is again added a new and fairly bizarre problem. Tesla driver and Tesla Motors Club forum user benjiejr recently posted the above photo on his broken webz accelerator or accelerator pedal, "as it is called in Tesla circles. The man in question wanted to show off his car to some car-loving Mattie and Roste the pedal so hard to the metal. Therein perhaps lies the crux directly, because the pedal in the Model S, not of metal but of plastic. This material was unable to withstand the force of explosion beniejr's right foot and broke off smack. In the picture above this subject you see the result.

Benjie put his story to be enjoyed forum. Is the epic failure perhaps the fact that he occasionally seeks the dragstrip and never miss a legday? No. The problem often seems to occur, as evidenced by these pictures of other degraded Tesla pedals.

At the moment the pedal broke off the car directly to the regeneration of energy and thus lost speed. Benjie says therefore be glad that the incident did not take place on a busy road. The incident has been submitted to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association). Before Tesla is forced, however, to reinforce the pedals have now except to increase the range an additional reason to operate the accelerator with a velvet base.

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