Iconic Honda NSX for dirt left in forest

Posted on 17.11.2017 in Общая категория by

What a waste..

Fido outlets and just run into a Honda NSX. It happened to a Russian walker in a forest near St. Petersburg, Russia. The story of the discovery was shared on a Russian forum.

The NSX has a decent period of time spent in the green. The Japanese sports car was covered with moss and looked dirty. The engine was not even present. Xander1 as the forum user name, writes in his post that the car seven or eight years ago, was offered for sale. What happened after that is unknown to the NSX.

Meanwhile, Honda has disappeared from the forest. The NSX is, especially in Russia, a rare appearance. A former owner was aware of the discovery and decided to take care of the car. The Honda was taken and washed thoroughly. The NSX will be restored to its former glory by him. Whether he continues driving the car, or that he will sell the NSX again is not clear.