Better than a robot suit: the Ford Mustang Iron Man

Posted on 17.11.2017 in Общая категория by

Or rather Robert Downey Jr., whom Iron Man played in the movies.

The role of Iron Man / Tony Tight supplies ex-con Robert Downey junior certainly no harm in. The flamboyant actor earns money like water in Hollywood. That of course is nice, especially if you like cars. In the movies, the well-stocked garage Tony Stark several times on screen, but in real life virus has gotten the car grip on the man who plays the character. Reportedly Downey was in fact closely involved in the creation of his "new" Mustang Boss 302 SpeedKore.

SpeedKore sounds like the name of a false K-pop band, but you could / should know them as enthusiast of Tantrum, a restomod with 1,650 horsepower from a 9.0 liter V8 double blow from a boat.

Also at Downey's' Stang they have done their best again, although the power which will be more modest. Precise figures are not given there, probably because the car at SEMA is there and you soon drown in cars with over 1,000 hp. But the supercharged 5.0 V8 famous Ford tuner Roush will nevertheless provide adequate performance, especially because the car is largely constructed of panels of carbon.

Still, the Mustang is not only equipped with modern techniques. Thus, the car has a vintage air conditioning and is properly implemented throughout the period interior. You could say that there is chosen a Singer Esque approach. A successful project?