Why does the Audi RS6 DTM was stolen?

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Much excitement and gunshots last night was the famous 1,000-hp Audi RS6 DTM gejackt in the automotive world. Only a few hours later he was found completely burnt. What was the motive behind this action?


The DTM started its life in 2013 as a 'normal' RS6 Avant with 560 hp, and freesyle-skier, Betsafe-sign, and petrolhead Jon Olsson bought it. After he entered R8 he thought it was time for a new Gumball-project, and here these radical RS6 DTM ensued. After Gumball bought the Dutchman Douwe Leitner for his car company, and last night was the car in Amsterdam East on location for filming where Leitner himself was present.

The owner was waiting at gas station Kriterion the IJburglaan with the engine running at the driver's seat on some cameras were stunned when an unknown number of men in a white VW Transporter drove up, several times fired into the air, and the car plus keys claimed. Although the RS6 has keyless go Leitner told that the keys are inzaten and brushed himself in agony the plate, he says facing the camera AT5.

The thieves tore at full throttle then the Zeeburgertunel by using the RS6, only 3 to 4 hours after the car has been burned out have been found in a car park to the Nachtwachtlaan in 020-Gaza. It was such a rush job that the thieves did not even bother took a moment to take the wheel. Estimated damage: around 400,000 euros. The RS6 alone, that is.

Audi RS6 DTM

Getaway Car

Your first impulse to the question 'why?' Might 'as getaway car for a crime. " However, before you take a relatively anonymous car, the unique Audi RS6 even harder fall in the streets than a KKK-pointed hat Kwakoe or Opel at the Wörthersee meet.

In addition, not only a stolen VW Transporter (as aanrijvervoer) sacrificed - for which the risk had to be entered to steal it - but ultimately it off the thieves went fast, but also in daily practice totally unusable car without a key. This means that, once you turn off the engine, must rely on creative methods to get the car working.

In addition, the fuel tank was nearly empty, and of course a car like love a sip peut. Perhaps the thieves saw shortly after their jack-move also how stupid their action was actually, because that same night Jon Olssons ex was in a parking garage in New West burned recovered, as saying. Oddly missing a tracking device on the car. Perhaps trusted the owner of the distinctiveness of the car and theft.

Audi RS6 DTM

The theft has all the characteristics of a planned action, which raises the question whether the attackers had then the time they got the car held no further thought really theft. Should follow arrests, we might hear this.

If they now have immediately had them torn to Brink's for a great OV than I could have something to propose, but now it comes down to is that an expensive car gejackt for a joyride of a few kilometers and then in the fire to be put. It seems a lot of trouble for a few minutes drive 1000 horsepower gun. Unfortunately, the gun just a burnt piece of scrap (Photo credit: AT5)


possible scenarios

With the help of our fixed camera Taliban fighter Martijn we turned a possible scenario in each: group risk gems steals Yet Porter minivan and comes with straps out to rob a pump. Once there, or on the way to their actual purpose, gems mentioned seeing the RS6 they already know from Autoblog and decide which then have to take the next pump ... You have, after all, do have fun at work. = Fik played in, because as they always do with evidence.

no viral

Douwe Leitner pressed us late last night all the heart that there is no question of a promotional stunt, something that given the police reports had been considered unlikely, and only became unlikely after the burning of the car.

Moreover, drove the car during the shooting last night on green sheets, which formally is not allowed. A professional registration is only for test drives. Let's hope for Leitner his insurer not difficult about going to do here. (Small update, according RDW: Using the professional registration must directly relate to the operations specified by your company so not for lending purposes Red:.. Strictly speaking not just for test drives, but all can relate to the possible sale . Footage can go with it.)

Meanwhile on junk car a kind of condolence for the RS6 DTM arise with spots and videos from when he was still intact. Hereby: RIP RS6 DTM.

Photo credits: Mats Bulters (1, 2)