Result F1: Monaco Grand Prix 2017

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Flies anyone this year in the harbor?

It again wonderful times for the racing enthusiast. This weekend there were no less than three top events on the calendar: the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. When you tomorrow go to work, it is easy to identify the fellow enthusiasts. Those are all pale because they have been shackled the whole weekend on the tube, while all the others were on the beach.

The drivers themselves also have the time to do a tanned skin. On the Côte d'Azur is the fact all weekend stay fine. Actually we find that secretly a bit unfortunate because the spektaculairste races in Monaco we usually see as what sputters. Think for example of the victory of Olivier Panis in 1996.

But even in dry weather this GP is a huge challenge, especially on the mental plane. Two hours as fast as possible away by narrow streets, knowing that one small mistake means the end of your race. Even Senna came such mistake ever in 1988 when he lunged from won position. That an accident in a small corner is you can also see if you have a little ride with Hamilton.

The start
Just before the start even a funny moment between Button and Alonso. The Spaniard just call in from Indianapolis and Button need good luck in the race. He adds that it Jense good care of his car. Jenson kidding:

"I urinate in your chair."


Hilarity everywhere.

But this moment is to start immediately the most spectacular aspect. Everyone kept the number eight and until there are no position changes. Bottas threatens briefly inside with Vettel but then chooses eggs for money. Kimi emerges from the pole in the first corner first. Behind the top-10 Hamilton wins a place and moves to P12.

Wehrlein Button and try to be smart by immediately making a stop. That way they have to use later, not the other tire compound to the race and what they might gain in the event of a safety car. In the pit lane, however, they get a bit too close together. Button complained over the radio as befits a seasoned veteran on a 'Unsafe Release. With success, because Wehrlein gets a strafje five seconds.

Mid Race:
It's been round 17 before it happens again something worth mentioning. Kvyat reported on the radio that loses him moving Hulkenberg oil. He is right appears when the TV crew yellow Renault portrays with a smoking tail. That can not be good for long. Indeed, Hulkenberg put out much later R.S.17 aside. According to the team, it is a broken bucket, but it looked suspiciously like a broken moteur.

Something for half of the race is the pit stop phase. Max is told that he must do exactly the opposite of Bottas.

"Box opposite Bottas."

That means, if Bottas goes carts inside, as Bottas still coming out. Bottas still outside, so Max goes inside. The Finn responds the next round and comes just before Max the job again. Ricciardo seems to be the real winner of this story, as he gets on the track and drive some very fast laps. When all is said and done, Ricciardo grabs both Bottas as Max. Max is there not very happy:

"What a f * cking disaster"


In front of the field similar occurrences. Raikkonen first come in, but Vettel drives a few laps through. The overcut works because after his stop for Vettel Raikkonen is back on track. Echoes of Michael Schumacher and Barrichello.

After this Vorentscheidung to the benefit of the German let fall directly Kimi a hole with respect to Vettel. The Finn seems there lay down that no more occupants than the second place after this blow. In the meantime, creates some irritation between Perez and his team. Perez was last year on the podium in Monaco and would like to achieve a good result. Its engine becomes too warm and the team says that he must do something. But Perez is disagreed. As Louis van Gaal would say:

"The Death or the Gladiolus"


Vettel is heading ever wonder quietly on one of his easiest victories. Behind it there is a little tension for second place between Raikkonen and Ricciardo, although Raikkonen probably just speed checks knowing Ricciardo there never comes. But then suddenly! Safety Car!

Herintreder Button has Wehrlein tapped at the place where Senna crashed into the wall in 1988. The accident itself is not so special, but Wehrlein car's remains are still at an angle against the wall with the German.


The Medical Car pulls out to help the unfortunate driver. With combined forces it is removed from the wreck.

After we have seen the road Sauber driver hopping we can focus again on the situation in the race. The whole field is now nested, so perhaps we still get an exciting end to the race. Red Bull has been smart because it has Verstappen called inside to have new tires without lost positions. Maybe he can do something on fresh rubber. Less clever Ericsson behind the Safety Car, because he sends his Sauber in solidarity with Wehrlein the wall.

If the SC goes his eyes focused on Max. It is precisely Bottas creeping very close to Ricciardo. Here a good battle brewing for third place. Ricciardo has all the luck as he hit the guardrail at Sainte Devote but can move forward.

That happiness does not Vandoorne. Our southern neighbor looked towards his and McLaren's first point of the year. But after a slight touché with Perez also pushes him off the track at turn one. Besides Sauber's also now are both McLaren's out of the race.

Perez has a mission. After tikkie against Vandoorne Kvyat is his next victim. He torpedoes the Russian flank and robs him of at least two points. Moreover, he robs me the manager of game points, which is inexcusable. Punish that man. Oh no, wait, I have the chassis of Force India.

But give people a pat seems the only way to accomplish something in this circuit. Max even on fresh tires can do nothing towards Bottas. Everyone thus drives a train to the finish. The new large cars with high downforce to make overtaking simply impossible. Ferrari so successful last again to win in Monaco.

Vettel takes the win and ahead of Hamilton in the championship. Raikkonen will be disappointed with P2. Ricciardo takes his second podium of the year at P3, for Bottas, Verstappen, Sainz and Hamilton. The Briton, after his fourteenth place in yesterday's qualifying disagree very unhappy with the result.

Max is not angry but disappointed.
Max interview

The complete results:
1. Vettel
2. Raikkonen
3. Ricciardo
4. Bottas
5. Verstappen
6. Sainz
7. Hamilton
8. Grosjean
9. Mass
10. Magnussen
11. Palmer
12. Ocon
13. Perez
14. Stroll
15. Kvyat
16. Vandoorne
17. Ericsson
18. Button
19. Wehrlein
20. Hulkenberg