Result F1: Grand Prix of Japan in 2017

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Verstappen helmet

The end of the F1 season slowly comes into view. Who today was big in Japan and who himself lost in translation?

Ah Suzuki Suzuka. The course was originally designed by Hans Hugenholtz is really a circuit of the old school. We provide not like to admit, but although Circuit Zandvoort is a nice job, Hugenholtz did his best work in the land of the rising sun. Many drivers consider the fluid path crossing themselves as the best of the year.

In the past, Ayrton and Alain fought for three consecutive years bitter duels for the title. The climax came in 1990 when Senna won the pole in his McLaren and Prost in his Ferrari trained the second time. Senna felt that he was put down on the wrong side of the track on the grid by the FIA. This organization led by Frenchman Jean-Marie Balestre in his eyes anyway on the basis of Prost. What happened next in the first corner will know every F1 fan. If not, you can check it briefly junk car.

After qualifying yesterday's champion two candidates this year are too close to each other on the grid. Hamilton in his Mercedes, Vettel in his Ferrari. On the red car is the way it still working hard for the race, but closed just before the engine will start. Behind HAM FAT and suck the Red Bulls of Daniel and Max. Lewis Well, let's see how much you would like Senna then ...

The start
Vettel and Hamilton come here right away, meaning that Hamilton first dive into the first bend. Behind the two rivals is Max Verstappen passing his teammate Ricciardo. Ricciardo managed to beat our countryman finally again in qualifying yesterday, but Max restores the proper order immediately in the first meters of the race seen from him. The start is also flawless, except for Carlos Sainz in his (for now, you never know when Red Bull) last race Toro Rosso makes a bad impression by crashing off the track.

Ricciardo feel additional pain of defeat started when Ocon go past him in the 'Esses'. Verstappen is just the right way: he takes Vettel directly into the hairpin and continues to P2 behind Hamilton. Hmm, Max P2 behind Hamilton in the early stages of the race, which is known for somehow ...

When we turn on our chairs / couches / beanbags landed because overtaking Max, the Asian nightmare Ferrari reaches maturity. First shoot Raikkonen duel with Hulkenberg off the track at Spoon and lose many places. That will be the red brigade on the pit wall though not like to have seen, but it is nothing compared to what follows. If Vettel the straight opdraait, he is overtaken directly by Ocon and Ricciardo. It is clear that the German has not the power in his SF70H. The technical problem presented itself for the start is not resolved. Ferrari, however, given extra time to decide whether to bring Seb inside. After Sainz again driving down the road and this time went into the boarding, because there is a safety car on the track.

SC means that Max can huddle in the tail of Hamilton. He could also threaten the Briton at the restart? Mwah. VER responds reasonably well gasvoet HAM, but it is immediately clear that he is too far behind the Mercedes is to place a bid. Vettel meanwhile goes further and further back. Clearly this is a chance for the German story. It's like our neighbors would say the final Vorentscheidung in the World Cup.


Kablam! the bend Degner II acts again as a sharp right. All weekend drivers have some difficulty with the treacherous curve, which squeezes common after some fast sweeping turns. This time Ericsson flies off the track. However, if we see the onboard he does it very awkward. The race committee decides a virtual safety car to send the job.

After this short break eight race Ricciardo ripe time to catch Ocon. He then goes to the third round after Max Verstappen, but already has a backlog of about six seconds MV33. Let's see who the fastest today of the two.


Raikkonen meanwhile is also slightly forward. The man who has won here 12 years ago to overtake Fisichella on the last lap is nice busy catching up after his excursion off the track in the first round. On lap 16 he drives around in seventh place behind Force India's. He should have, in principle, but the question is whether there are more occupants.

On lap 22, Verstappen came through the undercut on Hamilton. Red Bull can with their drivers in P2 and P3, of course, some try to run a Mercedes lurking. HAM arrives instantly to treading VER meaning Ricciardo now in the lead for Bottas. In the 24th round Max sets the fastest lap of the race is down and he just 1.8 seconds behind LH44.

In round 26 Ricciardo comes to the inside, but Bottas runs steadily on and goes to the conduit. Hamilton, however, is already in the tail of his second, with Verstappen right behind him. Now comes the big strategy-trick of Mercedes out of the hat. Valtteri makes way for Lewis, but obviously not for Max. The Dutchman is two laps squeeze behind the Finn and therefore sees the Briton disappearing.

We obviously keep an eye on the front of the field to see if Verstappen still can do compared to Hamilton, but we fear that Lil 'Lewis can now control the race. The direct voltage in the race lies in the battle for the points positions laastste. It is penetrating into the tail of the top-10. The drivers of Haas F1, Williams, Renault and Toro Rosso Gasly all want a gathering point.

Within a short time of two names to the list be underlined. Pierre Gasly verremt itself and then the kernel must look for a damaged tire. Then we see a bizarre scene when the DRS wing Hulkenberg remains in open condition. You may think that the Germans can thereby fly over the track like never before, but in reality he lacks downforce and of course he has to fly off more chance of the job. When Nico comes tries a mechanic droll manner the wing still ramming position, but to no avail.


Oefff, almost a big crash in the final stages of the race. Lance Stroll crashes off the track in the Esses and when he comes back on track glides almost in contact with Red Bull. I think it was Ricciardo, but to avoid a Olavje "I leave it here in the middle. Stroll put his car off the track and down as it is hoped that there will be a safety car, allowing Max seconds stolen Valtteri him has to make good on Lil 'Lewis. But unfortunately, the race committee decided to insert a virtual safety car. This race seems to be decided.

Or ... do not!?! After the disappearance of the VSC Max suddenly move much faster than Hamilton. With two laps to go, he is in the tail of HAM, with a few stragglers on the nose of both. Unfortunately Alonso takes place the McLaren needed a moment between the Merc Hamilton and Red Bull Verstappen. Massa then do the same again thinly over. Jack up with the veterans.

That was it, Lewis wins the race. Verstappen is second to Ricciardo, Bottas, Raikkonen, the two Force India's two hares and Massa. Jolyon Palmer fails to flames again and ends his probably last F1 race on a colorless twelfth place.

UPDATE 1After the race Hamilton pushed Max in the cement.

UPDATE 2: Max threw water to Daniel during the press conference.

UPDATE 3: Max talked to the mic after the yellow race.

Alonso was penalized after the race for ignoring blue flags.

The complete results

1. Hamilton
2. Verstappen
3. Ricciardo
4. Bottas
5. Raikkonen
6. Ocon
7. Perez
8. Magnussen
9. Grosjean
10. Massa
11. Alonso
12. Palmer
13. Gasly
14. Vandoorne
15. Wehrlein