Prosecution calls for sanctions against father and son because of Porsche street race

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It seems that no task punishments this time.

Last year we reported about a tragic accident in Loosdrecht. A 19-year-old woman that came after she was hit in her Toyota Aygo by the Porsche 911 of the now 54-year-old Walter W .. Walter reed at the time of the crash too hard and had too much alcohol in his blood. He would be additionally involved in a street race with his 33 year old son Casper W., who drove in a MINI. The victim was still taken to hospital but died there two weeks later from her injuries.

The prosecution today demanded five years in prison and three years at Walter his son Casper. Also is required for both a license suspension of five years. Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI) has calculated that Walter 167 kilometers per hour, driving at the time of the crash. In addition, it is common that he had twice the allowed amount of alcohol in the blood. Fifteen witnesses have stated that Walter Casper kilometers and had been engaged in a street race and moved at high speed 'bumper to bumper' by traffic.

The two W's but both deny that there was a street race. Walter also says that while he was speeding, but nowhere near the 167 kilometers per hour claiming the NFI. Emotions ran high while on. Walter qualifies the testimony as "simply not true", "possible" and "lied". He would even anyway so hard not dare to drive:

There I will have driven faster than 50 kilometers per hour, somewhere between 70 and 85 kilometers, but certainly not a 200. I do not dare even to the autobahns in Germany. I certainly do not drive faster, I swear on the death of my mother and my son.

However, the father of the deceased understandably wanted nothing more of this defense, which he calls 'bullshit'

My dear Fleur by a drunken fool drove into the flanks.

Casper W. son of the circumstances brought a surprisingly sober Berden reason why he should not be condemned. The airline pilot says he lost his job in the event of a conviction. Anyway, it's been a tragic incident that anyone who likes to occasionally stepping on the accelerator, reminding us that an accident is in a small corner.

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