So many bucks earns Max Verstappen with new contract

Posted on 17.11.2017 in Общая категория by


Max reportedly had a hundred million reasons to sign with Red Bull Racing.

Recently Max Verstappen extended anyway quite unexpectedly his contract with Red Bull Racing. This put an end to speculation about Max's plans for 2019. He was released after 2018? he was stuck in a contract? If so, there was in this case, an escape clause? It was all nothing more from one stone, because Max committed itself to his current employer with the season of 2020. Whether there have been in the background contacts with Ferrari, Mercedes or any other party, we do not know. Actually, we believe Max it when he says he saw no reason to leave the good ship Red Bull.

That as was generally believed in the paddock that the two 'big boys' in F1 Max not only with a competitive car, but could also draw entice them with a blank check. Although Red Bull Racing has a large budget, Ferrari and Mercedes because Max would offer even more. Moreover, to date, has not really been the style of Red Bull to pay its drivers very thick. Not for nothing they have their training team, which like Ajax intended talent ready to steam in the kitchen so then also own benefit. The latter can in sporting and financial terms.

But now we're talking about Ajax: Telegraph columnist and Cruijff adept Jaap de Groot (good for name too) claiming that Red Bull still quite attracted the cut to keep Max. Although Max would receive a salary of 'only' 10 million per year, but over bonuses will increase that number typically to about 30 to 35 million per year. Over a period of three years, we have it so on a sloppy 100 milliseconds. Not bad, even if you compare with the other top in the field.

But Max is just the beginning. After the season of 2020, namely our hero reaches the very old age of 23. Let's say he twice champion, then docks with love Ferrari 50 million per year for Max as they also did for Schumacher. If MV33 want to go through with the F1 until it is a Barrichello-like veteran, he can go on their way to a billion and a respectable position between the Brenninkmeijer poses and Fenteners of Flushing in the quote 500. As a kid all I wanted was a hundred grand ...