Configure your Audi A8 (D5)

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Endless play with the options list of Audi's new chief sedan.

Several months ago, Audi officially presented the new A8. Where the previous A8 still got the complaint that it was an A4 XL, the new A8 is actually some fresh design details. For as long as it takes at least because the recently introduced A7's been more of the same "and undoubtedly the new styling also seeps through to the lower numbers in the range. Anyway, for now looks particularly forms the back of the car with its round light units and ditto quite nicely.

A8 We have already discussed in detail, including by putting him next to his predecessor for a tough comparison. The editors were divided about Audi's new top. So @wouter find the interior of the new top, but @willeme his doubts whether it is really better than the previous A8. The undersigned particularly has trouble with the front overhang of the A8, which is just what I'm concerned, can not in such topsedan.

Anyway, it is still fun to configure such a thing and see where you end up in price after you have checked all the options. Initially Unfortunately only 50 TDI and TFSI '55 'available. Both start in the Netherlands in just over a ton. But I myself came after a little fiddling with the configurator at a price of Euro 177,072.00. Mind you, I have kept the documents by going for the short version which I like more. Normally I would opt for red, but I like Misano still just a bit too RS3 classic red cap and something classic, so I opted for Nogaroblauw. Here it comes:

tax value

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