Tesla is now as chill as Netflix

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Tesla chill

Elon has waggies learned a few new tricks.

Cute Ludicrous Mode on Tesla, but apparently enjoying some Teslarati owners also like a more genial acceleration of its time. We can imagine why.

Suppose you have successfully getinderd and your evening includes Netflix and Chill, but you go out somewhere to eat some form. After pushing in record time that California rolls in your neck, you want as quickly as possible to the next stage. You get in your Tesla and a little too enthusiastic press the accelerator. BRAAAAAP. Oh no wacht..ZOOOOOOM. Soon you realize that you committed a huge blunder! The instant torque from your electro-rocket, you can hear the graceful neck vertebrae of the next fitgirl literally dislokeren. Not chill. Rumor has it that this is the reason that Elon and Amber broke up.

Since then, the mastermind reportedly worked at a stretch to create solution to this problem. No wonder the Model 3 which has been delayed. But the result is there. Tesla on your screen, you can now choose a Chill Mode to avoid this scenario.

Chill makes more gradual acceleration - ideal for smoother driving and a gentler ride for your passengers.

Besides this new mode Musk otherwise immediately bothered products are yet to learn a new trick. If desired, you may be Tesla now automatically send your chair and slide out of the way when you get out. Geinig that these potential options last summer via Twitter suggested to Elon by a customer. Okay, maybe Tesla already was doing and Elon grabbed his chance to make good marketing, but it's a nice idea that the supreme boss immediately thinks with the / customer.

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As usual Tesla updates are rolled out through the air.