Max Verstappen would like permanent race stewards

Posted on 17.11.2017 in Общая категория by


The Dutchman loves some constancy.

The issue of inconsistent decisions in the FIA ​​F1 simmered this week a little. Monday came images surfaced of the driver's meeting in Mexico, where Lewis Hamilton and his headphones Sebastian Vettel tried to sew it. The Briton would probably mostly a little sit 'in the head' of Vettel, but still.

During the week unfolded, the always outspoken Arie Luyendijk it again hard over his views on the whole issue. The Americanized Dutchman believes that it would not end of the world if the drivers are allowed to give each other a few big whack on his time. But he also had a less extreme advantage to improve decision-making: a fixed panel of stewards.

Max Verstappen himself sees merit in this idea, as he told NBC Sports:

Yeah I think that the [fixed stewards] would be better. Then at least you know who you're dealing with. I think they would better understand the drivers because we would spend more time together. Frankly, I believe that we should go in that direction.

To date, the FIA ​​stewards rotates, whereby there is at least one ex-driver in each race group. This, incidentally, does not necessarily have to be a former F1 driver. In Mexico, for example Le Mans hero Tom Kristensen took over the role. We have the impression that Arie Luyendijk myself in for a spot on the panel and that Max would not mind if Arie would be one of the solid men. Anyway, the FIA ​​may in its wisdom also decide Garry Connolly create a permanent steward ...

Image-Credit: Max on his F1 debut in Australia in 2015 via Instagram